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Published:January 2nd, 2008 07:51 EST
The Truth About Kurds and the PKK

The Truth About Kurds and the PKK

By SOP newswire

Kurds live in Iran, Irak, Syria and Turkey mostly. The Kurdish spoken in one country is hardly understood in the other. Even Kurdish spoken in one village, is not understood in the next village.
The writing of Kurdish was first invented by Kurds who found their ways to Europe some 30 years ago. Prior to this, Kurdish had no writing. Kurds never had a state in the history either.
PKK is the name of the terrorist group which demands autonomy for Kurds in Turkey. Kurds live everywhere in Turkey, like all other minorities: e.g. Arabs, Assyrians, Armenians, Greeks, Turkmens, Yoruks, Xerxes, immigrants from Balkan countries- Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, Romania etc. Everyone has equal rights in Turkey.
One sees Kurds in every profession and occupation - from industrial work to film directing, from medicine to law, politics, military; from teaching to agriculture. No one is discriminated in Turkey on racial or ethnical grounds.

What does PKK want then?
PKK is an instrument supported by foreign powers which desire the division of Turkey- an enormously strategic land rich in many natural resources. PKK is also No.1 in narcotics smuggling in Europe as Interpol can confirm. PKK DOES NOT REPRESENT THE KURDS IN TURKEY. There is a PKK supported political party in Turkey: DTP which has 2,6% votes only in the Turkish Parliament. It does not represent more than 5% of the Kurds in Turkey. With this 2,6% foothold in the Turkish Parliament PKK wants to change the Charter of The Turkish Republic, wants to divide Turkey!
Kurds in Turkey want to continue living under the Turkish Government. They do not want a seperate State. Turkey, like the U.S.A, has many ethnic groups. Land can not be allocated for the ethnic groups, who live anyway everywhere in Turkey. To win its own people to its own side, PKK has been terrorizing Kurds, its own people. PKK has been terrorizing entire Turkey for the past 25 years with bombs and land mines and has caused the death of some 37.000 people.
Turks, Kurds and no other minority in Turkey, incl. the roughly 22 million per year tourists want terrorism or PKK. PKK has been classified there as a terrorist organisation by Turkey, EU and U.S.A. ... Turkey does not have enough resources to fill the gaps in the Turkish State schools. Many teaching positions in Turkish- the national language- are missing.
Ninety universities in Turkey are producing professionals to reach the demands of 70 million inhabitants of Turkey. When the time comes and Turkey has the resources - financial and intellectual- and after the schools have all the teachers they need in the national language, Turkey of course would serve the needs of Kurds to obtain education also in their own language, the writing for which has only recently been invented in Europe.
Turkey has nothing against Kurds whatsoever. Had it been so, Turkey would not give refuge to half a million Kurds who fled Irak because of Saddam. Turkey supplied tents, food, medicine and health care to half a million Kurds who fled from Irak to SW Turkey for over a year, when her own citizens do not have sufficient welfare! --- Europe, in an effort to divide Turkey, supported PKK terrorists and gave them refuge in various European countries.
Turkey is demanding from EU countries all criminals to be returned to Turkey under the international agreement, but EU is refusing to do this, clearly supporting the terrorist organisation PKK, although it has declared PKK as a terrorist organisation.
Turkey's attacks to liquidate PKK camps in northern Irak are only intended for the self-protection of Turkey and is in no way intended as a breach of any international law or against Irak. This is why USA is supplying intelligence to Turkey in liquidating these PKK terrorist camps.
Source:  Newswire