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Published:January 7th, 2008 13:17 EST
Spread a Word for Peace in Kenya

Spread a Word for Peace in Kenya

By Juliet Maruru

I am writing to you after a few days of being so penniless that I couldn't afford to go into an internet café and get access to this website however desperately I wanted to. I don't have a connection at home, but that is just one small inconvenience. The banks are now closed. I see now that the tragedy in our country has been fully played out here and I hope that we shall now embark on talking about what is good for our country and so begin the convalescence of our nation.

I like many, have lost a close friend in the related mayhem and feel very sad and miserable about it. Some of my friends have lost their relatives and loved ones and many people could be going through a lot of psychological or even physical pain. But worse than all the deaths and suffering we are going through right now, is the fact that we as a nation will be paying for all this anarchy for very many years to come. Our economy has taken a massive blow and its effects and impact will, even in our estimation, take a long time to be fully realized.

We can talk about what has gone wrong. We can call for the people concerned to sort this mess out as many are trying to do right now. In the process, we can cast blame on everyone and in every direction. But the end result is that you and me, Kenyans, Luos or Kikuyus, will be paying for our reckless collective fault in the foreseeable future.

Worse than the rigging I believe, is that we are allowing ourselves to be used as pawns towards political agendas of the elitist few. We forget that when the worst gets to worst, the propagators of this war will be the first ones to board planes and join their children and families in Australia or the UK or wherever they have established their safe havens and leave us to rot.

What has been taking place during the election exercise, which led to these tensions, such as rigging and the electoral fraud, is certainly very wrong and bad for our democracy. What will be even worse is if we destroy our country to an extent that we are eventually left with nothing to fight for but each other's total destruction. There are many neighboring countries surrounding us which provide ample examples as to what may be befall us should we continue with persist in that trend.

Man has always dominated man to his own subconscious injury and destruction. But you and I have an obligation to keep, protect and maintain peace for the sake of our own good. Even if peace and harmony may appear in the post-election anguish useless for ourselves and we are fed up with life, we still owe it to our children and the infirm, that they may have a future worth growing into, that they may have a hope for a better day.

Please spread a word of peace that we may live in harmony once again and so regain our prosperity. Please go out and help your neighbor that we may encourage each other to heal. That is what we are doing here in the quiet outskirts of Nairobi, visiting with people we would never have spoken to before, calling on our neighbours from what are supposed to be enemy ethnicities, collectively dispelling rumours and disavowing violence, affirming to each other that we sail this boat together, and that we eventually, if we decide it will be so, will sink together.

Spread a word for peace.