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Published:January 9th, 2008 04:13 EST


By SOP newswire

Immediately after the bomb in Diyarbakir exploded, sending five people to death (now six) and close to hundred, to hospitals for emergency treatment, the Turkish police closed all the exits from Diyarbakir.  No one was allowed out of the City.


Next, the police took the plate number of the car, in which the bomb had exploded, a Russian Lada and found its owner.  The owner said he had just sold the car a few days ago and did not have time to register it on the name of the new owner and the cash money for the car, partly in YTL and partly in Euros was found in his premises.

The police then interrogated him as to the appearance of the new owner In addition, what they talked about and took the fingerprints on the banknotes.

Departing from the description of the new owner and what he talked about to the old owner, police made a very good analysis, searched vigorously the relevant places, and interrogated others as well who gave the right clues.  The new owner was found and was interrogated and his fingerprints matched with those on the banknotes the old owner still had in his possession.

The new owner admitted having planted the bomb in his car and parked it on the major street, near the military premises, where a bus full of Turkish air force pilots was supposed to pass.  Then, he pushed the button of the remote control device, as the bus was passing, and the explosion set the bus on fire immediately.  If the officers in it did not immediately break the door and the windows of the bus, they would all be burned in the bus.  There were two young students by the exploding car, talking with each other, one having placed his books on the car.  They immediately died.  Three other civilians died also immediately and a sixth one later in the hospital.  About hundred were injured heavily.  It is suspected the death roll may increase.

PKK said, after the police identified the terrorist, that this bombing was made by the members of PKK without the knowledge of the PKK Headquarters.

However, both Turkish and foreign press wrote earlier that PKK had announced That as retaliation to the Turkish insurgence from the air, to liquidate the PKK camps, its members would attack Turkish cities.

Three minibuses were found loaded with explosives, respectively in Van, Sirvan, and Bursa, and in two of these cases police found the PKK terrorists who were guilty and is still searching for the two men who left the minibus with the explosives in Van and disappeared.  A fourth minibus in northern central Turkey is also suspected to carry explosives and the police are alarmed in that region.

A man was found in Istanbul, planting a bomb to the subway station in Mecidiyekoy, who also admitted to be a PKK terrorist.

Several other bombers were caught in Izmir and other locations.
Reference: Hurriyet Daily, Istanbul