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Published:January 21st, 2008 08:32 EST
UBSU Politics 2

UBSU Politics 2

By Zoneziwoh Mbondgulo

DVC in charge of internal control & Evaluation, Prof. N.Ntoko, issued out a communiqué over the weekend, postponing the UBSU election that was to take place Monday 21/01/2008 till further notice, Ref. 2008/007/UB/UC.

The postponement is due to the fact that the administration wants the election to be conducted in all fairness and objectivity in an atmosphere of calm, and in accordance with the rules and regulations of the university of Buea. Among which are good academic standing, good conduct and morals, and no disciplinary sanctions. Of these, it’s claimed that just the Red & Blue parties had over 80% of the qualification.

This led to a meeting held today, Monday 21, exactly 10 hrs –12hrs a.m. at the boardroom of faculty of social & management science, besides the school administrations present were outgoing president of UB, Chairman &Co-chairman of the council, the 5 presidential hopefuls along with 2 members on their lists, members of the electoral commission.

In the meeting, the administration was still with their formal decisions. While the president of the white party asked the authorities  " . . . where in the constitution does it stipulate, so called GPA as one of the criteria besides, where in the world has GPA been a prerequisite for a student union candidature." In short, it seems very soon the administration will appoint course delegates, since every say is w.r.t GPA.

Moreover, Baramarks of the yellow party was asked to revise his manifesto, i.e. the 9th point on his manifesto which he said, “the yellow party revolution government would bring back UBSU Tribalism – free, Regionalism free ideology, the average student would be made part & parcel of the decision making process. Alienation is over, the students would decide what to do with their money.”

It looks like the officials are against the word revolution, which they claimed surely the yellow party has been sponsor by some oppositions coupling with the political instability in the country, obviously, are telling the government that they will revolt. In addition, they accused them still of being extravagance.

The yellow party denied all allegations and to them, whatever the state has with it oppositions have nothing with UBSU. Besides their source of finance has nothing to do with the institution, for, if you are potentially viable for your campaign. Good for you, all are campaign strategy.

At the end of the meeting, everything was still, election in executives Bureaus of UB are postponed to a date to be announced.