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Published:January 24th, 2008 09:22 EST
UBSU Politics 3

UBSU Politics 3

By Zoneziwoh Mbondgulo

In conformity with service note No. 2008/0005/UB/DVC/ICE of January 11, 2008 governing students union elections, the electoral commission met on January 16, 2008 to examine the eligibility of  various lists for student union elections.

The five lists submitted were examined regarding the eligibility conditions of the above guidelines. Also, in a concentration meeting on Monday, January 21, 2008, which was presided over by the vice- chancellor and in which heads of all lists were present, further explanations were given on the eligibility criteria.

-         Character of their members

-         Previous record of mismanagement

-         Balance between faculties

-         Gender and regional balance

-         The nature of the manifesto: its situation within real matters of student welfare.

Approved lists;

Blue lists leader Mr. Afu Eugene Aneng,

Green-Mr. Chia Elvis Wokeng, 

Red- Mr. Paul shipuh Petiangma.

Lists unapproved;

White- Mr. Arrey Emmanuel Agbor,

Reasons- head of lists does not qualify because of his low GPA, character and mismanagement record. Students with low GPA’s are to be replaced.

Yellow-Baramarks Bareta,

Reasons: head of list does not qualify because of his low GPA, past record of mismanagement and violent character.

The lists need modification in order to replace students with low GPA’s.

         Student Reactions w.r.t. this notices.

 Most of the student body are not against some of the criteria, but the following questions ring in their mind;

-Does the UB administration have the right to select leaders to lead us student?

 -Do you think these leaders by administration will represent the students’ interests properly?

-Why should they impose leaders on us?

-Student, think and beware of your rights, defend your rights.

-Why have they suspended our elections?

- 8+8 = 18, think!  Obviously 8+8=16, yet, why force to believe 8+8=18.

News is around that perhaps a strike might take place following the hopeful yellow president reaction Tuesday morning to Eden new paper, in front of amphitheatre 750. The issue of GPA above 2.5 is out of point, it’s not stated in UBSU constitution. Bara said this could be a flaw in the constitution, but which can’t just be implemented without the procedural amendment of the UBSU constitution.

Asked whether he took part in mismanagement of funds last year, Bara said he did not, but admitted that he paid FCFA 30,000 of the amount he was accused to have pilfered.  And was only doing so for peace.

 I quote the mass of students, “if Bara is not standing Election in UBSU this year, there will be no elections in UBSU this year. I do not need to remind the administration of the consequences”. 

 For now,  one can’t tell if there will be strike or not. Actually, the atmosphere is not conducive at all. The whole surrounding is of forest-green wear (policemen).