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Published:January 28th, 2008 09:50 EST Helps Cyclone Victims in Bangladesh Helps Cyclone Victims in Bangladesh

By SOP newswire

This past November, when the destructive Cyclone Sidr hit Bangladesh, half a million homes were destroyed and thousands of people were left injured and homeless, struggling for basic necessities like shelter, food, medicine, and clean drinking water. Quickly establishing a special relief
fund with, we asked for your support and you responded with generous enthusiasm.

With the Help Cyclone Victims in Bangladesh Gift That Gives More(TM) supporters were able to make $25 contributions and the funding soon topped $18,000, with 100% of the donations going to disaster relief packages. Half went to BRAC, the largest non-governmental organization in Bangladesh, for emergency relief, and half went to MSUK (Manob Sakti Unnayan Kendro) to help provide clean, safe water for families in need. 

Immediately following Cyclone Sidr, BRAC launched an extensive relief operation in more than 2,500 villages in the most affected districts of Bangladesh. Since the cyclone, more than 30,000 families have received food relief packages from BRAC. BRAC medical teams have treated nearly 2,000 patients in the most remote areas of Bangladesh.

The nonprofit organization MSUK, through its innovative SONO Filter Program, has helped thousands of poor in urban and rural areas gain access to safe water by providing filters that remove arsenic and other harmful contaminants. Hundreds of filters were distributed to families in Cyclone Sidr affected areas of Bangladesh, helping to reduce the spread of disease by ensuring families have safe, clean water for
drinking and cooking.

Tropical Cyclone Sidr is gone, but its devastating effects linger on. The disruption of whole communities could lead to thousands of additional deaths, but you can help...

Our Supply Clean Water in Bangladesh Gift That Gives More(TM) will provide a SONO Filter for a Bangladeshi school or family, giving them the gift of clean cooking and drinking water for years to come. Developed and manufactured in Bangladesh, the SONO Filter can produce 30 clean liters of water an hour for drinking and cooking, and lasts at least five years.  

Thank you for helping families survive and thrive today!


Greg Hesterberg & Tim Kunin
The Hunger Site