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Published:February 11th, 2008 15:26 EST
Around the World on February 11, 2008

Around the World on February 11, 2008

By Krzys Wasilewski


ACCRA, Ghana. The Egypt soccer team won the 2008 African Nations Cup, defeating Cameroon 1-0 in the final game. Mohamed Aboutraika, who scored the only goal, repeated his success from two years, when his penalty goal gave Egypt the fifth title. Third place went to the host country, Ghana, which beat the Ivory Coast 4-2.

KHARTOUM, Sudan. Some 12,000 people from the province of Darfur fled to neighboring Chad last weekend as Sudanese forces re-launched air strikes, alarms the United Nations. According to the Associated Press the recent attacks are linked to rebel activity in Chad, purportedly sponsored by the government in Khartoum. The unstable situation in Chad postponed the deployment of a European Union military contingent that was to protect Darfurian refugees. EU officials refused to say when the first peacekeepers would start their mission.


CARACAS, Venezuela. Venezuela is ready to cut off its supplies of crude oil to the United States, President Hugo Chavez warned on Sunday. His announcement came days after American and European courts decided to freeze some $12 billion in assets belonging to a Venezuelan company, accused by Exxon Mobil of illegal nationalization of its property. The United States is Venezuela`s number one client when it comes to crude oil, consuming over one million barrels a day.


DILI, East Timor. East Timor`s President Jose Ramos-Horta was severely wounded after his suburban mansion was heavily fired at by rebels. Shortly after the incident, the country`s prime minister narrowly escaped a car trap set up by the same group; some of his bodyguards, though, were killed. The president, remaining in stable condition, was later transported to a hospital in Darwin, Australia. Canberra is considering sending its troops to the former Portuguese colony " East Timor gained independence in 2002 " as it did two years ago to protect civilians and the government.

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan. Only one in seven Pakistanis approve.. The poll conducted by the U.S. International Republican Institute also revealed that around 50 percent of those surveyed are going to vote for Benazir Bhutto`s party in the parliamentary elections scheduled for next week " a huge surge of support since Bhutto`s assassination in December. Former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, who lost power to Musharraf in 1999, attracts over 20 percent of those willing to cast their ballots. President Musharraf remains a staunch ally of the United States but his position at home has been undermined by Taliban-sponsored attacks and wide-spread corruption in government agencies.


LONDON, England. Some elements of Islamic Sharia law should be introduced to the British legal system, Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams repeated on Monday. The archbishop, who leads the Church of England, said that the growing number of Muslims in Great Britain requires amendments to the legislation that is based on Christian philosophy. Critics remind, however, that Sharia demands severe punishments for adultery and homosexuality, among other acts " those spheres of life that, by modern standards, are left unpunished.


BAGHDAD, Iraq. Visiting Iraq, U.S. Secretary of Defense Robert Gates admitted on Monday that the gradual withdrawal of American forces from Iraq might be temporarily halted. Gates made his announcement after talks with Gen. David Petraeus, who is said to have asked the secretary for a period of evaluation. " During this time, the army would estimate the situation in Iraq and make a decision whether or not to reduce its forces on the ground. According to the Associated Press only one brigade has been pulled out from Iraq so far " four fewer than originally planned.


MEMPHIS, Tennessee. A Memphis high school student remains in critical condition after being shot in a school cafeteria. The local police caught the gunman and interrogated him; however, it is unclear what caused him to fire at the senior student. Only a week earlier a similar tragedy put Memphis` school community on alert, when one student was shot in the leg by his classmate.