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Published:February 26th, 2008 09:55 EST

Meritocracy should be your Principle

By Zoneziwoh Mbondgulo

Things are getting worse in the economic capital of cameroon-douala.

First, it was the march against the change of the constitution, which had not resolved and left 2 dead and many wounded. Now, the taxi drivers strike against the increment of fuel prices, basic commodities nationwide, with douala taking the lead.

Presently no entry, no exit in douala and other provinces in the country.

Forces of law & order gunned-down several persons this morning in the littoral province, as citizen aggrieved by the present state of affairs in the country, took to the streets to indicate their disgruntlement.

Journalists and the media are crying for the state to cease using firearms as this will only aggravate the situation. If these actions are not stopped in time, the families of the deceased could run wild for revenge....

Previously, there had been much negative reaction to the head of state`s desire to change the constitution to his benefit and those of his cabinet.