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Published:March 6th, 2008 08:25 EST
Judyth Piazza chats with Lesley (Chase) Barton, Founder of A United Journey For Humanity

Judyth Piazza chats with Lesley (Chase) Barton, Founder of A United Journey For Humanity

By Judyth Piazza CEO (Editor)


Lesley (Chase) Barton has always believed it was one`s sacred duty to use their strengths, as well as, their adversities to try and make some small positive difference in the world.  This belief came from the love and respect she has for her heroic deceased father, Arthur H. Barton, and the drive to follow his legacy.

An Activist and former Political Consultant for Congressmen and Campaigns, Lesley (Chase) Barton created A United Journey For Humanity which is a positive empowered community within the MySpace community.  A United Journey For Humanity was conceived in late December 2007 as her own personal way to create awareness, show appreciation, recognize, and honor the love, compassion, and humanity that still exists and flourishes.  In only a few short months the community has become a united front of 2,400 members and has a skyrocketing devoted readership from inside and outside the MySpace realm.  A United Journey For Humanity runs three weekly human interest series, "My Heroes, Our Heroes, Humanity`s Heroes," "The Gifted Artists You Should Know," and "Creative Innovators Advocating A Global Difference, " and it`s only the beginning.  The community features individuals, causes, creative artists and innovators and spotlights the positive impact their extraordinary actions and gifts are making for the betterment of humanity and the world.   

A United Journey For Humanity`s motto is If united we dare to envision it there is no reason that united we cannot achieve it! "

-Lesley (Chase) Barton- 

Lesley (Chase) Barton is also a sexual assault survivor who tries to help bring other survivors out of the shadows of shame and blame by writing an op-ed that was featured in the Chicago Tribune last year, as well as, openly speaking out in interviews in the Chicago Tribune and People Magazine`s Heroes Among Us series in March 2006 as a Survivor Participant in The Voices And Faces Project, founded by Anne Ream.  Chase was recently asked by revered internationally acclaimed poet, celebrity consultant, international satellite radio personality, and magnanimous philanthropist Bryant McGill to be an U.S. Ambassador for The Goodwill Treaty For World Peace in which he authored.  Chase is also an Advisory Board Member for Child Predator Busters founded by Sher Lever. 

For nine years, Lesley (Chase) Barton had multiple surgeries, fighting her way out of extreme chronic pain, to recover the full use of her legs due to a back injury.  The last three of those nine years Chase lovingly cared and tended to her outstanding father in-home hospice up until his passing in May of 2006.  Following her father`s death, after a long hard fight and numerous specialists insisting it could not be done in December 2006, Chase had her final four back surgeries which after much painstaking rehabilitation has given her the ability to not only be mobile without the necessity of a cane or wheelchair and be pain free, but to participate in athletics and have the ability to joyously dance, once again.  Chase expresses daily that if humanity follows their heart, is proactive, and never gives up, they can and will accomplish anything.

A United Journey For Humanity
The Goodwill Treaty For World Peace
US Ambassador
The Bryant McGill Community
Global Moderator
The Voices & Faces Project
Survivor Participant
People Magazine`s March 2006
Heroes Among Us Series