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Published:March 30th, 2008 05:10 EST
Nepali people against Seven Party Alliance and Maoists (SPAM)

Nepali people against Seven Party Alliance and Maoists (SPAM)

By SOP newswire

The Nepali people are going to take part in once in a lifetime Constituent Assembly (CA) polls within two weeks if that is not deferred for the third times. Half of the Nepali people are illiterate and know nothing about the Constituent Assembly. Even the people living in the metropolitan areas are confused. For most of them, CA is a regular parliamentary elections. The components of Seven Party Alliance and Maoists (SPAM) government though illegitimate, had to educate the people. They did not even dare to think about the CA and wished to put people in a dark. The Election Commission did even the worse job because all of them wanted to elongate their tenure by appeasing the party leaders doing nothing. All of a sudden, Nepali people now have to cast their vote. It is the people who will change the future course of Nepal. In fact, Nepal's existence lies upon the Nepali people's choice. It is therefore, we diaspora ask fellow Nepali brothers and sisters to look at the following five reasons and do justice to the future generations by voting for the Rastriya Prajatantra Party (RPP- Nepal) against SPAM and other parties.
  1. Rastriya Prajatantra Party (RPP- Nepal) is the only strong party which can withstand the Seven Party Alliance and Maoists (SPAM)'s atrocities.
  2. RPP- Nepal believes that the direct people's verdict on Constitutional Monarchy and Hindu Nation against the Secular Federal Republic is the only solution to all political problems. Thus, giving Nepali people the sovereign right to decide the fate of Monarchy and Hindu Nation through the referendum whereas SPAM including other parties are against the supreme will of the Nepali people.
  3. All the components of the SPAM- Nepali Congress, United Marxist Leninist (UML), Maoist, their tails plus others are working under the India's instruction whereas RPP- Nepal is the only party that stands on the Nepali people's wishes. For instance, all the components of the SPAM had been to New Delhi, India and the Indian Embassy to Kathmandu, Nepal, to sign a peace deal sponsored by the Indian Government that invited unwanted encroachment by the foreign elements in Nepalese internal matters.
  4. RPP- Nepal is the only party of Nepali people eager to protect Nepal's independent sovereign identity against the SPAM's shameless invitation to foreigners to interfere in each and every matters of Nepal and thus making access for foreigners to disintegrate Nepali Matribhumi (Motherland).
  5. RPP- Nepal is for the 'Nepali Tantra' i.e., the rule of Nepalese, rule for Nepalese, rule by Nepalese and the rule that suits Nepali soil whereas SPAM is preaching 'Lokatantra' (rule of smart/cunning proletariats) which is purely a word used to confuse Bihari loka (Rural Indian illiterates) by the cunning Indian politicians. The same principle has been applied to confuse Nepali people by the SPAM leaders.
    Thus, diaspora asks all fellow brothers and sisters to think twice before going to polling stations. Say no to SPAM which is destined to disintegrate Nepal to appease India under the disguise of Republic, and vote for RPP- Nepal, vote in cow, the resemblance of Hindu Goddess Maha-Laxmi for the Unity, Hindu Dharma, Democracy, Constitutional Monarchy, Sovereignty and for the supreme will of the Nepalese people in Nepali Matribhumi (Motherland).  
On behalf of the Nepali Nationalists Organization (NNO), USA
Chairman, Bishal Shah