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Published:April 14th, 2008 09:22 EST
Nepali refutes open letter to US Senator Joseph Biden

Nepali refutes open letter to US Senator Joseph Biden

By SOP newswire

Dear Judyth,

How shame it is to read such crap article* in your online portal. Of course the corrupted and saved by nation's blood and sweat, who are enjoying their life in western countries see the victory of Maoist a threat but for us, most poor Nepalese, it is the dream we were waiting to come, this is the only way to take nation towards the path of peace and progress. Two neighbouring countries are progressing so heavily nearby and we are going back to be counted in the list of most poorest nation. It's all because of the Royal regime that hold nation tied with chains of corrupted leaders only making a fertile land to the most corrupted persons of the relatives and close friends of those blood-suckers like Bishal Shah who are crying to loose their power.

US most not listen such mentally ill persons and respect the historical event that took place in Nepal that the people of Nepal are willing to embrace with joy.

Many thanks,

*Urgent Letter Sent to Senator Joseph Biden

By Bishal Shah
Re: Drawing your attention towards Nepal situation.

Honorable Senator,

We, Nepalese living in the United States feel it urgency to draw your attention towards the Constituent Assembly elections held in Nepal on April 10, 2008. This Constituent Assembly election is considered to be the historic in the sense it took for the first time in Nepal. The tendency clearly shows the Communist Party of Nepal- Maoist is coming victorious as against the baseless assumptions and analyses of the international community, the United Nations and the European Union. The United States also has to share for the blame.

The US Government stood behind the Indian Government viz-a-viz Nepal and let the Indian Government which is a coalition of several parties including a few communists parties took charge of Nepal matters. The Government of India by compulsion had to hand over its charge to Communists of India in relation to Nepal because of a fear of its early collapse in case Communists withdraw from government of India. Thus the US Government's support to Indian Government in relation to Nepal matter has been fully exploited by the Indian Communists. The result was evident.

The Communist Party of Nepal- Maoists which killed about 15, 000 people mercilessly surfaced in an open air with the help of Indian Communists, the coalition members in the Indian Government. The Government of India brought Nepal's unpopular political parties and Maoists of Nepal together, forced them to sign a deal as against the Royal regime of Nepal. Indian Government provided them logistics to fight the Royal regime. In stead of coming to a major criticism from the international community, His Majesty King of Nepal had to listen to them and hand over the power to the Seven Party Alliance (SPA) which was later joined by the Maoists and became SPAM (seven party alliance and the Maoists).

The international community, the EU, the UN and the US Government's assumptions and analyses that the Maoists will lose the Constituent Assembly election have turned completely wrong. As we have already put forth, the Maoists are coming victorious though with the use of intimidation, extortion and with the communists' tactics of propaganda, there is no way except to accept the so-called people's verdict.
Honorable Senator, the Communist Party of Nepal is still in the US Government's terrorists list and it should continue to keep it on that list. However, no government in the world can stop it from handling Nepal's affairs now. We human beings living in this very modern era must feel shame that the killer terrorists Maoists are about to run the beautiful country, Nepal.

Honorable Senator, the international community can minimize the tragedy that will unfold in a very near future if Nepal's Monarchy is saved and given continuation as the Constitutional Monarchy. Now, as the leading nations of the world, the US must take swift move for containing the rise of communists in Nepal thereby spreading rapidly throughout the South Asian region and so on. As the Chairman of the US Foreign Relations Committee, Honorable Senator, your role will be vital in saving Nepal's Constitutional Monarchy and containing the virus of the communist which does not believe in the basic human rights and freedoms.

Honorable Senator, we Nepalese living in the United States and all over the world request you to make the drastic move towards saving our beautiful nation, Nepal, from falling in the hands of Khmer Rouge type guerrilla communists of Nepal, namely, the Maoists. In order to contain them, the Constitutional Monarchy of Nepal has to be made its continuation, first. Thank you.

With due honor,

Bishal Shah,

On behalf of different organizations,
Nepali Nationalists Organization (NNO) USA,
Sanatan Dharma Sanskrit and Nepali Center, New York
Motherland Nepal, CA,
N & J Entertainment Inc., USA,
Coalition for National Unity and Reconciliation, USA.

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