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Published:April 19th, 2008 17:10 EST
For Sale: 13-Year-Old Virgin

For Sale: 13-Year-Old Virgin

By Robert Paul Reyes

The objectification and exploitation of women can be seen in affluent Western countries like Holland. Prostitution is legal in the Netherlands, and in the world famous red-light district in Amsterdam working girls display their nude bodies in window parlors hoping to entice tourists inside. Tourists point and gawk as if the women on display were mannequins, and not flesh and blood human beings just trying to make ends meet.

Prostitution demeans women, but the oldest profession will never be stamped out, and the legalization of the s*x trade protects working girls as well as their customers. In the legal brothels in Nevada the ladies are required to be tested for AIDS and other STD`s on a regular basis. They aren`t physically abused by pimps, and enjoy medical insurance and other benefits that other employees take for granted.

The exploitation of women in the affluent West sickens me, but the treatment of women and girls in developing countries makes me want to throw up.

Bangkok, Thailand is a Mecca for pedophiles and other degenerates. There are many brothels were girls as young as 9-years-old are ravaged for the entertainment of Western tourists.

The following story from Telegraph.Co.UK should make any decent human being despair about the human condition:

"Thirty miles west of the Taj Mahal, on the road to the pink city of Jaipur, tourists on buses pass a sight that the guide books rarely mention.

A mile beyond the town of Bharatpur in Rajasthan, where the highway is being widened to four lanes, traffic slows down for road works. But the workmen who lounge by their bulldozers have their eyes on something else - a cluster of makeshift shelters where girls, several under 18 and at least two younger than 15, can be seen strolling or sitting, in view of the dusty carriageway.

Tonight, one girl in particular is attracting attention as she sits on a stool by a fire so that she can be seen by passing vehicles. Her heavily made-up, striking face and beautiful pink sari make her look as if she were on her way to a party. But the truth is different. Suli, 14, is a virgin and a bidding war is being held for the right to be the first to sleep with her."

According to the article a virgin can be bought for a few nights for an astronomical sum. It`s considered bad luck for a girl to keep the money from her first "date", so the money goes to the community.

The community is complicit in the humiliation, exploitation and dehumanization of these virgin girls. Once the child loses her virginity she can`t marry, and is destined to be a pr*stitute for life.

We shouldn`t look down our noses on communities in poor countries who condone the brutal treatment of young girls. Here in the enlightened United States of America, we don`t bat an eye when we browse through Abercrombie & Fitch catalogues that feature under age children in s*xualized tableaus. And there are travel agencies that not so discreetly, sell s*x tours to Thailand.  

We can`t save the children of the world, but we can protect, love and cherish our own children. Make sure that your daughters don`t lose their innocence before their time; don`t let your 11-year old daughter dress like a ho*ker just because she screams, "Mom, every girl one in my class wears low-rider jeans, thongs and halter tops".