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Published:April 23rd, 2008 06:45 EST
Message From Mars

Message From Mars

By Askin Ozcan (Mentor)

Hi there earthlings!

We learned from that there is going to be an International Children's Festival today, on earth. Somewhere in Turkey, is it? We'll watch it at (at the Turkish State TV TRT) We have very good reception here. Here are some of the best children's humor we encountered on earth, in our last visit to your planet:

Two crying brothers in the kindergarten tell their teachers that their cat died. "I'm really sorry to hear that," consolates the teacher. "How did it happen?" "Well, we put the cat into the washing machine, as she was very dirty ..." "What? You put the cat into the washing machine? Of course the cat died, if you put her into the washing machine!!!" "No," explain the six-year-old brothers, "she didn't die in the washing machine, she died in the drier!" ...

Two dogs are doing what the dogs do in the spring, on earth.
The six-year-old Emma asks her mother what they are doing. The mother, a 23-year-old shy one, who doesn't want to explain what the dogs are doing, says, "Well, I guess the one behind must have broken his leg and the one in the front is helping him to go home, by pulling him." "The life is the same for people and for dogs," philosophises the six-year-old Emma. "Why do you say that?" asks her mother. "Well, whenever you want to help someone, they always make something dirty behind your back."