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Published:April 26th, 2008 07:07 EST
Attorney Met with Jailed Beijing Christian Businessman Shi Weihan for the First Time

Attorney Met with Jailed Beijing Christian Businessman Shi Weihan for the First Time

By SOP newswire2

On the morning of Wednesday, the attorney of Mr. Shi Weihan, the leader of a Beijing house church who was released without a conviction and who was again arrested and persecuted on March 19, was finally able to meet his client Mr. Shi after long negotiations. Before this, Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau had always refused to let the attorney get involved in his case and they even refused to tell the family and the attorney the location where Mr. Shi was detained. At the time of the arrest, the police claimed that Shi Weihan was a "dangerous religious element."

Mr. Shi Weihan is being detained at Beijing Municipal Detention Center and it is now over a month since he was detained there. As he has chronic diabetes, his health condition makes people concerned. During the meeting, Mr. Shi's talk was interrupted by the guards on several occasions and he received a warning. The attorney saw Mr. Shi's health condition was very poor and there were symptoms of a serious allergy for which no known reasons were given. He badly needs medical treatment. However, the detention center authorities refused to provide the most basic humanitarian treatment or even provide medications. According to the conversation with Mr. Shi, the police interrogation mainly focuses on what relationship he has with the US. They are trying to avoid admitting that this is a typical case of religious persecution.

Bob Fu, head of China Aid Association, thinks that this is another case of brazen trampling on religious freedom and basic human rights by the Chinese government as the Olympic Games draw near. It shows that China doesn't have fear or unsettled conscience in the face of the international community and denunciation. We hope the relevant authorities of Beijing will not try to bring any fabricated charges related to state security on Shi Weihan, an influential house church leader.


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