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Published:May 14th, 2008 08:30 EST
US, EU money promotes Palestinian ideology

US, EU money promotes Palestinian ideology

By SOP newswire2

Palestinian Authority (PA) infrastructures controlled by Mahmoud Abbas and Fatah continue to promote the ideology that "Palestine" will replace a destroyed Israel. US and EU money facilitates this.

1- The Palestinian Security Services Academy, a military branch of Mahmoud Abbas's Fatah government, prominently depicts as the center of its symbol the map of a "Palestine" state that erases all of Israel. This map is common in the Palestinian Authority and symbolizes the hope for the destruction of Israel. Voice of America reports that the academy is funded by "... Arab states and the European Union. The U.S. also has offered some indirect support."  [ ]

2- The second example is of a "Sport and Cultural Club" built by USAID that prominently displays both the words "USAID" and the map of a "Palestine" state that erases all of Israel, encircled by the Palestinian flag.

As long as the US and the EU fund the PA while choosing to ignore or at times actually funding these PA-Fatah hate messages and symbols, the US and the EU are among the impediments to peace.

By Itamar Marcus and Barbara Crook


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