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Published:June 9th, 2008 10:42 EST
Mad Dad calls for boycott of Barnes and Noble

Mad Dad calls for boycott of Barnes and Noble

By SOP newswire

MEDIA ADVISORY-- On June 5th, my eleven year old son joined me in a visit to our local Barnes and Noble Bookstore in Collierville, TN. I was horrified at what my son saw. Open on a table was a very large, full-color, picture book displaying a man in full frontal nudity. The cover was two men kissing with the title GAY SEX.

This book was filled with full-color pictures of gay men doing what they do...Yes, it was that graphic.

The assistant manager told me that this was the second time that night this book had been laid open in the store. She also informed me that such books were regularly found in the men`s room. I believe some homosexual or child predator was trolling and using the book to find a date or victim. The assistant manager told me a young boy had been sexually assaulted in the bathroom at this store and the man was never caught. She also said they had found a gun on the counter in the bathroom on another occasion.

After sharing these disturbing stories with me, the assistant manger walked me to where the book was normally kept. Was it behind a counter? No, it was on the top shelf of a bookcase that any 13 year old could reach. Welcome to the 21st Century where being gay is mainstream and celebrated as normal in a family bookstore. Click the link at the bottom of this article and listen to my national radio program to find out what I am going to do.

I returned to the Barnes and Noble the next day to document the placement of their pornographic books. I have three places where books that included pictures of either homosexual porn or heterosexual porn were placed throughout their bookshelves. One section of books was low enough that my five year old could have pulled them from the shelf.

Most states have a state law that requires this material to be out of the reach and site of minors. The sate law is TN is 39-17-911.

I am working with the American Family Association to have an e-mail go to 3 million people calling for a boycott of Barnes and Nobel until they put this garbage behind a counter or in a restricted area where children cannot see it or have access to it.

This story has now gone nation wide through my national radio program, my 30 minute appearance on the Michael Reagan program (son of President Ronald Reagan) and through several national news outlets. I am booked on numerous national radio programs this week. It is really too bad for Barnes and Noble that this happened to my son because I will use what most fathers don`t have at their disposal....a national audience and friends who have big radio programs, TV programs and huge e-mail alert systems. Be watching because this mad dad is going as far as he can with this.

I am fighting this not only for my son, but for every parent and grandparent who joins me in being angry about Barnes and Noble`s irresponsible and, I believe, illegal business practice.

A code enforcer where I live in Collierville, TN woke up my friend recently that is recovering from cancer to tell him his for sale sign was 11 feet, not 12 feet, from the curb. The code enforcers have made companies move a shrub a few feet to match their original landscape plan. Yet, no town code for a store to keep porn from a child.

As far as Barnes and Noble is concerned, welcome to the 21st Century where homosexuality is now mainstreamed into a family bookstore that has a huge children`s department. Sadly the chances are greater in some states that I would get charged with a hate- crime for speaking out about this rather than the store being fined.

I have received lots of e-mails since taking this story national and the stories are rolling in of many similar sad, stories at other Barnes and Noble stores and other such family bookstores.

We are encouraging the public to sign our petition to Barnes and Noble executives which can be found at this website:

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