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Published:July 13th, 2008 11:36 EST
An Interview with Em'Kal in Khaliland

An Interview with Em'Kal in Khaliland

By Zoneziwoh Mbondgulo

Khaliland, Nobi 2!

When your day becomes yellow, blend green and guest what?

July 9th 2008, 6:00 pm as I wander along the street of Molyko. I was introduced to somebody who, society thinks is mad, but I take him for M M M "modern man man". This is a man who has made his own world, but doesn`t want to be the Don.

Mark you! No one ever knows him, till you meet him.

On behalf of The SOP, I present to you Em`kal, a professional live & visual artist. Join me in finding out what little secret is behind his mystery?

Khaliland: I don`t have secret, I believe in Khaliland. Em`Kalizm is the theory, if you contradict my purism and if it is not for humanity then let me not be part of it.

I live to restore the existence of harmless africentric values.

Khaliland, is my ideal land where inspiration is pure and divine. I tap directly into the source (smile), my source is my drum. All I do is just get  my brain empty to an imaginary space of my own where I can gathered my own stuff.

Zoneziwoh: How is your relationship with the society?

Khaliland: I love Jesus,

I love Buddha,

I love humanity, and I`m thankful to the society especially to those who have lived before me. I share with the society the basic principles such as the laws of attraction & laws of nature which says, "Give more if you want more."

Zoneziwoh: What impression would you say the world is having about your philosophy and your personality?

Khaliland: As a child of the sun, born from heaven I deliver the truth, and the truth is what the world needs. I give the world what`s right and what they need to know.

Zoneziwoh: When did you feel you had actually made it? That is to say, you did really give the society what they needed to know.

Khaliland: September 10th infant 80s, (smiling) I cried for man`s destruction but there was nothing I could do since I was on the other side of the world, yet I felt for them. As I sleep at night, I call unto God to help me do the right thing and I did. Although, I have never gotten what I wanted, never?

But I will keep doing it.

Zoneziwoh: Looking at a finger, it`s obvious.

Pardon me? If I am wrong.

Are you married?

Khaliland: No! I know I own a duty and that I need to pass on at least half of my genetic sequence to somebody. Of course!  I was born to procreate, I love people.   

Zoneziwoh: If you don`t mind, something tells me you have a mission here on earth. What would it be?

Khaliland: I am a citizen to this world. I look forward on that day when those from the north, south, east and west will call me brother, welcome! Sister.

That day, where cults of man will be attended by all mankind, then I will join the police force not to rob but to protect humanity. I just want to be and want the society to be, but if it contradicts with my purism I better not be a part of it.

Zoneziwoh: Any word to the world?

Khaliland: Be yourself, do what they like and change the happenings around you. Don`t judge them, don`t condemn, pity them but do what is for the better of the universe and praise thee.

Zoneziwoh: Wow wow wow! Thanks for giving up your time.

I wish you luck, and I hope the world sees with you.

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