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Published:July 25th, 2008 11:07 EST
Who I am

Who I am

By Zoneziwoh Mbondgulo

Welcome! My frustration

Do not turn your back on me, just listen to me;

I want to be who I am?

Of course you will.

Good God! Have mercy on us.

I have heard over a thousand names referring to one sense. What? Either they say, they are gay or they want to be a transgender and go from a man to woman or vice versa.  It seems that my fellow countrymen are scared to be called gay `so I have decided to name their `Top Cinquant`.

Big bro! go on, I don`t care whatever you called it but I wouldn`t find it funny if after all these years you decide to re-change again, or should I say to `who I was` (sigh) in that case I think you will be the biggest clown. Well! Being an adventurer is no crime.

Let me take things slowly, I know there is much to vomit. To begin with, I my big bro! Are you putting the blame on mutation. Yes! Because only mutation and others could be the cause of all these big grammar of `who I am`. Hey don`t look at me that way; I am just being blunt on their behalf.

Science seems to be forgetting that mutation is not just a physical deformation, in this case I strongly believe mutation has influenced their sex development and giving us the impression, these people are normal.

Oh no! they are not, if so, I don`t understand why a man/woman who we consider, given all things been equal is a normal being will one day say he/she feels like the opposite sex. Sometimes they don`t say, perhaps because of fear but you could find them behaving just like the opposite sex.

Before we condemn their acts, let`s outline some personal causes.

In my opinion, I present five issues which somehow contributed directly or indirectly to this behavior.

  1. Genetic Mutation or should I say Sex Mutation.
  2. Intuit.
  3. Adventurers
  4. Loose souls whose spirit has been taken possession over by the devil.
  5.  Means of making the cash.  Hmm, from what I heard it`s far more payable than prostitution itself.