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Published:July 31st, 2008 09:30 EST
UN decides to end Eritrea-Ethiopia peace mission

UN decides to end Eritrea-Ethiopia peace mission

By Ana P.

The United Nations stopped their fruitless peace mission at the boarder between Eritrea and Ethiopia. The Security Council decided on Wednesday to draw off 1700 UN Peacekeepers, which have been sent to the Horn of Africa in 2000.


It was planned that the UN Peacekeepers would guarantee a buffer area between both neighboring countries, which were leading a bloody war for over two years at that time.

However, this plan never came true. Diplomats explain the failure with the fact that both nations would refuse to co-operate with the UN.

Eritrea, on the one side,  would only permit limited patrols by UN soldiers and accept only very few UN food deliveries.

Ethiopia on the other side, refused the recomandation of an independent comission, suggesting to hand over the frontier city Badme to Eritrea.
UN secretary general Ban Ki Moon warned that a new war could escalate in the region, after all of the peacekeeping forces have left.