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Published:September 19th, 2008 14:14 EST
Senator Obama's Global Poverty Act-- a Threat to American Sovereignty

Senator Obama's Global Poverty Act-- a Threat to American Sovereignty

By Zoneziwoh Mbondgulo

Global poverty act that will aid developing countries is a good measure to me.
Let`s forget about the literature of corruption, it is a human phenomenon, even in the days of Adam and Eve, this wasn`t strange. Don`t bother about the meaning or the way English makes it sound.

Senator Obama and his sealBut my worry is how will this fund be manage by the people?  If i were to propose, I would prefer this funding be converted into materials, resources like health care centers, agricultural and mechanical industries, educational institutions most especially vocational training. I am not the type who cherishes grammar education.

Let the people acquire and exploit the skills so that in years, society can focus on something else without worrying about basic needs which, by then, every man can afford.

(smile) My good friend, I don`t think I agree with your saying:

"America is the most generous country in the world in terms of how much it spends on foreign aid."

Sorry!  Mankind is complex and whatever people do, something is always expected in return.

Again, I don`t think developing countries are poor as we may think. Instead, I will say their policies make them look poor. A poor nation where most of their citizens are saving trillions and billions of pounds/dollars in swiss bank? lol!
In this case I feel those banks are accomplices, because any person with such a bank account should be questioned and investigated if his/her accounts looks genuine. But when allowed to saved as they may like, implies that you who say you are uncorrupt is more corrupt than the world corruption.

I hope in subsequent time I will have much to say.  You may contact me at