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Published:October 14th, 2008 15:01 EST
Pirates Hit Banks in Between Six Military Bases

Pirates Hit Banks in Between Six Military Bases

By Zoneziwoh Mbondgulo

I`ve watched the video for 47 minutes, something similar but for the fact that their attack was broad day and not in between six military bases.

Just two days before Oct. 1st (independent of southern Cameroon which often is red ceremony) yet pirates successfully hit SGBC bank, Amity bank, and Bank of Central Africa (BEAC) in Limbe. These banks all situated in between six military bases; Rapid Intervention Battalion (BIR), the Man O War Bay Military Base and Tiko Special Amphibious Battalion to the east coast of Limbe, the Special Battalion for the Protection of SO.NA.RA (CSPS) and the Delta Command to the west coast of Limbe. Even the Isongo Naval Base in charge with maritime patrols.

The question is; how did they succeed?

The robbers (over 50 in number), according to the only eye witness, one of the guards at Amity bank, said that these pirate came by sea and roads. It was almost 1 a.m when he saw four armed men clad in military wear while others were in assorted attire,  and as he tried to take cover, he saw three engine boots approaching, suddenly after sensing danger he crept towards the backyard of the bank, behold!

There were other armed men already taking positions. The guard said he crept back and took cover under some rags by the bank. There, he heard the men mutter in French tire a n`importe quoi que tu vois. Meaning shoot at whatever you find.

When asked if they continued all their conversation in French, he said No, most of their chatting were in strange coded language. But for the slang `yawa` mentioned whenever he heard gunshot, explosive.

According to the police officer on guard at BEAC, said when the pirates approached the fire forcing the robbers to retreat, but even if the guards of the banks were armed, the scale of the attack, many say, was one that could have only been countered by another heavily armed force.  

"We are not surprised` says the Minister Delegate at the Presidency in charge of Defense, Remy Ze Meka. The minister made this briefing to the press at the De L`OPS Delta, Limbe where only the national TV (Cameroon radio & television- CRTV) was allowed in.

In fact, before the minister spoke, we were warned by his orderly not to ask any questions. Although the minister spoke in French, loosely translated in English was; "this night in Limbe some individuals attacked some banks. They attempted to go to BEAC but due to tight security they didn`t succeed."

"They had explosives which they used to put down the back door and safe of Amity Bank, but since that of SGBC Bank was tough they could not succeed."

"They made away with sum of money which I can`t know for now; it can be 100 or 200 million CFA. It`s left for the bankers to tell us how much was carted away."

"We are not surprise because we were informed some time ago that our financial and economic bases along the coast of the country would be attacked, notably Douala and Limbe."

Again the minister blamed these bank officials for not installing adequate security measures to pre-empt such a break-in, which has been described by many as one of the biggest AK 47 attacks in recent times in the country.

Minister Ze Meka told the press by mid day that from bullet cases recovered from the robbery scene confirmed that the attackers used  Kalashnikov rifles (AK 47s) which Cameroonian military could fire back but could not understand why the robbers made their way so easily.

The attack lasted for two straight hours, non-stop gun firing, and their engine boats still idling, ready for quick take off.

In this attack the FINI Hotel bus and other vehicles were caught by a hail of bullets leading to one dead and many injured. While in a video footage taken by the CRTV cameras inside Amity Bank showed an empty 50kg bag marked Port Harcourt Flour Mill Company Ltd, Nigeria.` This aroused suspicious that the bag might have been left behind by the bandits.

So the question still remains-how could such an operation be successfully carried out in a heavily fortified areas, where people around the bases met the attackers at the crime scene, talk less of intercepting them on their way back yet no military man could say he/she heard gunshot. Not until 4.15 am, when a special military intervention unit ran into Eden and others at Half Mile, Limbe and surprisingly inquired where the bandits were.

On being told, they had sailed away, they expressed regret.

Yeah! Good job officer.

Unfortunately, Zoneziwoh doesn`t have the power to talk, talk less of warranting an arrest., because I would had arrested the so called special military intervention forces first, followed by the commanders in chief at all these 6 military bases and finally the minister delegate at the presidency in charge of defense. For I heard if you want to see Satan, ask God.

Journal du bien

Some weeks ago I read an article at written by John Wallace Senator Obama`s Global Poverty Act - A Threat to American Sovereignty

What a shame! No too longest my father, President Paul Biya was almost left franc less in the US.

(Laugh). A close military aide of the president, who attempted to escape with billions of CFA during his stay in the US (they fear to disclose the amount because they know it will raise tension but I heard from a passerby that it was 300 billion).

The presidential guard, whose identity we got simply as Lieutenant Emane, is reported to have been intercepted when he was suspected of trying to escape with the president`s usually loaded suitcase of money on the third floor of the Wordolf Astoria Hotel in US, where the president is lodging as he attends the 63rd UN general assembly.

Thanks to the Swiss security men who alerted the presidential security at the hotel of suspected movement by vehicle outside the hotel building.

Mr. Wallace wrote with all joy, passion and love, how the dream of a global fund for the so called poor country will help.

The question is; what was the president doing with (fiscal cash) billions of CFA in a suit case?   I didn`t pray for an accident but imagine something went wrong and the cash paper melted and flew away, who would had to pay for the loss?

Of course the citizens.

Billions of CFA, enough cash to pay some of our so called foreign debts or good enough to treat my family from the so called HIV-AIDS, enough money to boom the Zoneziwohshow.