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Published:November 9th, 2008 19:02 EST
Pay the Debt So We Can Borrow From the Next Generation

Pay the Debt So We Can Borrow From the Next Generation

By Zoneziwoh Mbondgulo

Press review on Cameroon gossip is a rundown of monthly briefing from local journals nationwide. It focuses on burning issues within the nation, as well as other local info including `what I think`.


To begin with the first edition of the press review on Cameroon gossip, I did a random sampling on some Cameroon press. Among which include;

Eden, the Post & Herald newspapers.


Eden, October editions; the editorial chiefs condemned the act of the minister delegate at the presidency in charge of defense, Remy Ze.  They said it was a little intriguing when the minister in his own words declared; the administrations were not surprised because they had received several warnings that economic and monetary institutions along the coast of Cameroon will be targeted.


Bernard Sansui wrote where defense minister gaffed`. It`s only in Cameroon where an active minister of defense will get intelligence reports of an attack of this magnitude and will do nothing to avert it. So since the minister knew about the attack in advance, he will probably know where the assailant came from and who they are.  Besides, what message is he transmitting to foreign investors regarding their finance safety? Laughable!


`I am disappointed` Henry Ngalle; I read with concern, the press briefing given by the honorable minister delegate that they weren`t surprised by the attacked, he worsen matters in his effort to buttress his point by contradicting himself when he said in consequence, that measures were taken to preempt the attack if not so, the damages would have been more serious.


The post in most of its October issues, reported that conflicting figures has risen about the stolen money. Sept. 29th, Jule told the press that fcfa 230 million were stolen by the gunmen, as oppose to the fcfa 200 million reported by ASCOMA, CPA collaborated banker`s insurer. While at the end of the operation, sources said it was realized that fcfa 186 million had been stolen from the safe and two tellers. The post also learnt that the bandits didn`t discover all the money in the strong room. They also didn`t see some fcfa 8 million in one teller. Also, part of the money reportedly dropped on the floor, about fcfa 15 million, while fcfa 20 million was in the safe destroyed by explosive. Meanwhile, it is alleged that the bandit had carried away a teller from one other commercial bank in Limbe whose amount contained an undisclosed sum of money.


The post also mentioned in one of its October edition that the presidency has reportedly sent a special team to Limbe to start investigations into the September 28, bank robbery executed by some 50 unidentified armed men. The commission is said to be different from the minister delegate`s investigation team. The commission the Post learnt is focusing on two main issues; the identity of the attackers and why the numerous units around Limbe took so long to move in and confront the attackers.


Peterkins Manyong ?that Limbe raid-what Ze Meka never said` the Biya regime is paying a price of intransigence while his soldiers are cowards who die before their death. He suggested that the attack should serve as a didactics for the Biya`s regime.


Whereas Azore Opio wrote  the article `the hunter in hiding`  in one of  Post - Oct. edition condemning the Limbe attack saying; nothing is now more common than the great idea that those ruling this great country are either eminently insane or they are more or less suffering severe forms of mental illnesses.


Elback Assama, 20, among the four victims shot during the banks robbery in Limbe on Sunday 28, September 2008 died October 5th at the Douala hospital out of negligence from the medical doctors at the general hospital. Gwendolyn, sister to the deceased said that immediately it all happened he was rushed to the Limbe general hospital, owing to the critical nature of Assama`s state, he was transferred to Douala general hospital. On arrival at the hospital, they were asked to pay fcfa 250,000 before any medical care will commence. They pleaded with the doctor and assured him, they would bring the money the following day, but the doctor refused.


Despite their pleading and assurance, the doctor didn`t reconsider. They had no choice but to carry their dieing  brother back to Limbe, some  kilometers away on their way back to Limbe they called the Limbe  provincial doctor and explained all what had happened, instead the doctor instructed them to take him back `let the doctor not touch him as he says, when he dies he will explain`. They had no choice other than to reversed back to the Douala general hospital, unfortunate for Assama, he left them in tears. As though that wasn`t enough pain for his families, they were asked to pay a bill of fcfa 1.7 million before been allowed to take away his corpse. Thanks to the littoral governor who assisted them in paying the debt.


Still on Cameroon gossip, October issues.  Dust is simmering to settle on the danger, panic and tension caused on Yaoundé administration by the interview which the former general manager of Cameroon airlines, Yves Fotso granted, accused of embezzling state fund and yet continues to make headlines in the country`s numerous written and audiovisual media. The government has thus reacted violently to the move by the media concerned with the revelation. The interview prompted the communication minister, jean Pierre to accuse the Medias of flouting deontology rules, especially with regards to respect of judicial procedures, an accusation that has raised lots of debates.


The disturbing interview pushed the MINCOM boss to issue a press release last Sept. 16, 2008 in which he laid emphasis to the concerned media houses on article 169 of the penal code.


He quotes the said article as stipulating that any one who makes public a judicial procedure that has not finally been judged in such a way as to influence, even unintentionally, someone`s opinion for or against one of the parties is punished to serve a prison term of between 15 days and three months and to pay a fine of between FCFA 10.000 and 1.000.000`.


The minister also quotes another section of the penal code which provides that if the crime is committed by a written press, radio and TV, the sentence is between 3 months and two years while the fine is between 1.000.000 to 5.000.000.


Jean Pierre told the French Mutation that the three journalists who conducted the joint interview were guilty of ceding to an operation of manipulation of opinion by granting a voice to a citizen implicated in an ongoing judicial inquiry.

October 1st, a silence day, only those with liver heart can be found patrolling. A day before October 1st, just like other delegates within the southern Cameroon territories, the divisional officer for Fako, Jules Marceline signed a prefectoral order banning all public meetings in Fako division from Sept.30 to Oct. 2nd.


Irrespective of the order, the SCNC activists did their normal rituals with a peaceful match pass. In the south west province 24 including the chairman, 82 year old chief Ayamba was arrested on the 6th of October. They were judged at the Tiko magistrate court on the 10th, granted them self bail, to appear in court on Dec. 8th, 2008. Charged of holding an illegal meeting and non possession of identification papers, they had foreign ID cards (southern Cameroon) instead of republic of Cameroon, in addition, one of the precinct chair man of Tiko central, told the post that the meeting was convened to welcome their chairman and to take stock of the council`s activities at the UN, 10 Downing street, London and Brussels in Belgium. Again he said, their chair man was presenting a memorandum from the UN and pictures of the Oct.1st celebration in London and Brussels and the state of their struggle.


Richard Tita, mayor of Tiko council came and asked the chairman if he had obtained permission to hold the meeting, chief Ayamba said that the meeting was not illegal, he was simply giving the UN instructions to his militants. Ayamba quoted to have told the mayor and the DO that it is rather the authorities of La Republique`s government who are supposed to request for permission from the southern Cameroon`s government before carrying out their activities in the southern Cameroon region, which, according to him is their country.


Mr. Vincent Nkwutio `I beg your pardon again`. He said; the 6:30 am BBC, 8 October, news reported that some 30 SCNC members were arrested and are spending their 2nd night in the Tiko police cell. To him, the BBC reporter; Randy Joe had used an inappropriate adjectives or wrong words in reference to the unwholesome relation between southern Cameroon and La Republic du Cameroon. That is to say, in grammar `joining` is a present continuous of the verb `join` and the word is similar to ?unite` that are completely dissimilar to reunite. So following the plebiscite, if  southern Cameroon had been decolonized, and it came together with LRC, we should have been referring to that relationship as a united one or unification and not reunited or reunification.

SCNC wahala! 24 lawyers have decided to defend the activists during the December case for free. Barrister Henry Monono who was among the 24 arrested spoke to the press about this. For the first time in history of SCNC, a group of lawyers has thrown their full weight behind the movement in a case which is likely to prove difficult.


Simon Njie, Cameroonian poet, charged with intentionally infecting several polish women with HIV-AID died in the Warsaw hospital before going to jail.

`The white man killed my son` Hannah  Ngowo, The mother said that she knows her son had been killed by the white man, the 64 year old woman made this insinuation while making allusion to a visit by some polish journalists in February 2007. She says; she recalled that the journalists took snap shots of every where and every thing around her house but refused to tell her the purpose for the pictures. They took pictures of my bedroom, kitchen, toilet and even old graves of my children who had died?


I now see what they needed those pictures for; they have used them to frame my son, Mami Hannah bemoaned.


The post reported that before the trial, which began in July 2008, a team of polish journalists came to Cameroon in February 2007 and visited his place of abode, Buea, apparently to find out more about his life. The polish journalists invaded the newsroom of the post newspaper, arrogantly filming reporters in the office and aggressively interrogating about Simon Mol.


And in sport, the indomitable lions of Cameroon, Wednesday, 22nd October were drawn in group A, alongside Morocco, Togo and Gabon at the FIFA headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland.


While Cotonsport qualifies for finals, for the first time since the creation of MTN CAF Champions league competition, Cotonsport of Garoua has qualified for the finals.


A  two days workshop for female media practitioners in south west held in CEFAM, Buea on 3rd and 4th October 2008, presented by Anne Munjong.

`Media women can` was the slogan.


University of Buea admits over 5000 students for the new academic year 2008/2009.

University of Buea student union, UBSU accuses rich student of the institution for showing a nonchalance altitude towards the new students` rents disposition in the student residential area of Molyko, they blamed the student for failing to corporate in implementing a prefectoral order, stipulating rents to be paid by students.


Meanwhile 20 less privileged children shared fcfa 600,000 scholarships

Old people denounce poor treatment; some elderly people in the southwest province have accused the state and the society at large for not treating them with reverence. The old men and women made this claim at the Bokova community hall, in a ceremony to commemorate the 18th edition of the international day of the elderly, Friday 3rd Oct 2008.


Former Prime Minister, Simon Achidi Achu, Friday 3rd October, stole show from old people`s festival. He took centre stage at this year`s celebration of the international day of elderly.


On other quarter news, Bandits shot gendarmerie commander in Tiko and went away with 700.000fcfa. Balikumbat CPDM militants promise resolving differences after an executive conference.


Cameroon, Nigeria seeks to put border problems behind. Though Nigerians in Cameroon decry poor treatment.


How transparent is oil management in Cameroon? Since Monday, 29th September, panic and anxiety have gripped the national petroleum distribution company following the interrogation of the company`s general manager. Jean Baptise Nguini Effa, from who police grilled over fcfa 1.375 billion.


Social Democratic Fund, SDF and its national executive committee, NEC has resolved to fight for Lapiro`s release.


The post on 17th October, issues out Questionnaire title; which do you choose an African country to win the world cup or Obama to win the US presidential elections?


Out of 22 people who respected the questionnaire; 5 were in support of an African nation to win the world cup while the rest were in favor of Obama.

Amidst heightened speculation that a new government will be named upon the head of state`s return to the country, the secretary general at the presidency, Laurent Esso has debunked information by a prominent international magazine Jeune Afrique that Paul Biya would reshuffle his cabinet before Xmas. In a press release on Friday 3rd Oct. the presidency categorically refuted the information, the release laid emphasis that the president of the republic has not made any disclosure on a possible cabinet reshuffle and thus describe the information by Jeune Afrique as false.


How are the Bakassi dwellers after 14 august handover? Recent threats from pirates in Bakassi to continue armed attacks on the peninsula may not be empty after all. Renewed violence in the area is rising suspiciously.


Koffi Annan is vehemently opposed to Biya`s third term project, as well as to other African head of states. This he`d mentioned in an interview, broadcast on BBC radio Tuesday 21st October 2008.


Human right are violated all over the country says Dr. Divine Chemuta.


My view or what I think


Regardless of all effort to buttress the purport of my view, I pray we shouldn`t listen with deaf ears. Brothers Sisters, please delete from your memory this vocabulary government` and allowing natural selection to perform.  This word has been the major contribution for our mayhem and if we don`t forget its existence, it will continue gaining grounds more than us.


Another contributor to this mayhem comes from the country people (senior citizens) living abroad. These particular species are causing more harm than good. They are the best columnist on all daily journals, critiquing.  I wonder if they truly feel the pinch we`re feeling.


Each and every citizen should shoulder a responsibility of good faith, be a role model for the younger generations.


It`s true our curriculum and religion is more of a confusion, both the religion and the curriculum which many take for a nation builder, has influenced our lifestyle poorly. So if we the younger generation do not ignore these and instilling an upbringing knowledge awareness and responsible citizens, we too will be blamed in future.


Nevertheless this could only be a success if we ignore this older generation (senior citizens), ignore their stupidity, forget about their existence and match forward for a better generation.


Thanks to these senior citizens, we understand where we came from and where we are heading to.


Again don`t asked me how shall we succeed when all what we need lies in their hands.


Yes! It was well planned. They made us to always depend on them; they knew that once we had the opportunity to stand without their support, we would challenge them. Though that had never been our intension. On the contrary, we enjoy challenges because it makes us learn. Challenges foster development as well as raising creative citizens and thus making people becoming self reliance.


Instead they fear challenges, the more reason why they intimidate us.


In my wishes I always say this; before natural selection can take hold of mankind, let the senior citizens pay the debt so that we too, can borrow from the next generation.