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Published:December 30th, 2008 19:23 EST
Egypt Sealing Border with Gaza

Egypt Sealing Border with Gaza

By SOP newswire2

 As Israel continues to pound Hamas targets in Gaza in response to countless rocket attacks into their civilian neighborhoods from militants, palestinians are having difficulty seeking refuge in Egypt to the south.

Egypt has actually opened fire on Palestinians attempting to cross. Reports are also coming out that troops have been sent to seal its border with Gaza.

As a child, Zakariya Ezzat was a Muslim in Egypt who understands the culture and geopolitics of the region. He converted to Christianity while in college and has a message for those who view Israel as the aggressor against Palestinians.

The west needs to ask some hard questions, " Ezzat says. There is a reason why Egypt does not want to open its borders to the Palestinians and that reason is very similar to what Israel is facing on a near daily basis. " Ezzat firmly believes that Israel has every right to defend itself and that is all it is doing.

Another sign that Egypt may be setting the stage for keeping its distance from Palestinians attempting to cross over from Gaza is sentiment coming from an Egyptian newspaper which partially blames Hamas for the Israeli assault (link below).

Zakaryia knows what it`s like to grow up with a Muslim father and a Christian mother. Born in Lansing, Michigan before moving to Egypt, his mother signed a contract that would guarantee her son and his twin sister would be raised Muslim. Shortly thereafter, Zak moved to Egypt and was exposed to the Islamic culture at a very young age.

He learned more about Islam after moving back to the United States. In college, he had a Muslim friend from Yemen, whose hatred for non-Muslims was only masked when in their presence. As a practicing Muslim throughout his entire childhood, with his father (a professor) ensuring he would attend the local mosque every Friday, what would make Zak convert to Christianity while in college?