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Published:January 2nd, 2009 11:10 EST

Kurds in Turkey Have The Same Rights As Everyone

By SOP newswire2

PKK is one of the thirty plus terrorist groups in the world supported by the weapon manufacturers and the big boys of the world who would like to shape the world according to their own profits, yet do not dare to make a big war.


Kurds in Turkey have exactly the same rights as everyone else- that is Turks, and some twenty, thirty minorities. Besides, Turkey is a very mixed society. Much intermarriage makes it difficult to say who is a Turk, who is a Kurd or who is Arab or Xerxes or Armenian. If we look at the Turkish language spoken in Turkey, we notice it is 30% Arabic, 10% Persian, 20% French and only 40% Turkish. In Turkmenistan and East Turkistan (China) the Turkish spoken is 90% Turkish. Turkish Republic is not based on ethnical identities; it is based on a "national" identity. The national language is Turkish and this is taught in the national schools. Just like in the U.S.A. which is a nation with all the world`s ethnic groups but the national official language is English. You do not teach Italian, Spanish, Japanese or Chinese in the state schools just because these are big minority groups in the U.S.A.


Behind PKK are the dreams of big world powers to divide Turkey. They support PKK, although they condemn it officially as a "terrorist" organization and give political asylum to PKK members, while they say they are fighting terrorism. A typical double-standard of the west. Kurdish language varies from village to village. Kurds in one village do not understand the Kurdish of the next village. It doesn`t have its own alphabet.  In recent immigration of PKK terrorists to the west, with the financial help they received from their new host countries, they devised three alphabets - in Arabic letters, in Latin letters and in some other letters. Which one should Turkey use, if they should teach Kurdish in the Turkish state schools? Besides, Turkey doesn`t have enough money to teach own national official language to her each and every citizen. The most important is, a survey has been made in Western Europe with the children of the PKK terrorists and surprisingly enough the Kurdish children chose Turkish as "mother tongue" lessons in their schools and not Kurdish.  Demanding the "Teaching of Kurdish" is a false front of PKK. They really want autonomy in Turkey, but are forgetting only 5% of Kurds in Turkey want autonomy. Remaining want to continue living everywhere - from South East to the choice cities of Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Konya, Antalya etc.


Turkey will never sit at a negotiating board with a terrorist group like PKK. Kurds vote freely for any political party inTurkey. There is even a PKK supported political party inTurkey which has only 5% of the votes, gained in somewhat a tricky way. Kurds have a chance like anyone else to have themselves heard when it comes to having Kurdish taught in the state schools.Turkey does not have the resources to teach the minority languages in the state schools, like Kurdish, Assyrian, Xerxes languages, Tartar language,York language, Serbian, Arabic, Laz language etc.


Another think about the PKK, all western European governments proclaimed PKK is the Nr. 1 narcotics smuggling organization in Europe. France said 80% of heroin smuggled into France, is smuggled by PKK.


When Mr. Olof Palme was assassinated, two Swedish state prosecutors came to interrogate Abdullah Ocalan Nr. 1 man of PKK and Sakik Nr 2 man of PKK,  


Now both in prison. They both admitted Palme was assassinated by the branch organization of PKK in Sweden, under the control of Ocalan`s ex-wife. Ocalan perhaps wishes to be freed from the Turkish prison and serve a sentence in a Swedish prison.


If PKK wants peace it must show this with action and not by words and false statements.