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Published:January 3rd, 2009 10:42 EST
Glenn Brandon Burke: 2008, 2009 and Throughout Your Life!

Glenn Brandon Burke: 2008, 2009 and Throughout Your Life!

By Glenn Brandon Burke (Mentor/Speaker)

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2008, 2009 and Throughout Your Life!


I`ve recently been told and have overheard people, while giving New Year well wishes, "To Forget 2008! Drop it from your memory and start anew in 2009!" I disagree with that statement! As a matter of fact, it`s a moronically, stupid statement!


If memory serves...I recall learning the philosophical statement that "It is the one`s who forget the past that are condemned to repeat it." So, if the above statement holds true, I will not forget the past. For 2008 was my worst year to date, and I WILL NOT repeat it -- EVER!


I will always remember the past, but will always forge ahead and succeed! 2008 has been a difficult year for many, many people. And I, too, have felt the effects. We`ve had the housing bubble burst, thousands of lost jobs, the mortgage industry crumble, the Wall Street meltdown, and let`s not forget good ol` scum-of-the-earth, lowlife Bernard Madoff who allegedly master minded a massive fraud which people, non-profits, and other trusting investors were swindled out of at least $50 billion. Wow! What a year!


Yes, let`s recover, yet not forget, but move-on with a new mind set for a Happier, more Positive, Smarter, Wiser, more Productive and Prosperous New Year, and every year thereafter!


I`m a motivational speaker, master educator and business owner. Not a financier. But what I want to share here is something we should all do in order to live a better financial life. SPEND LESS THAN YOU EARN! Stop the impulse buys. Think twice, or even three or four times if you must, but really think about that purchase. Will it make feel good for a day or week, and then you have to justify why you bought it, because you really know you shouldn`t have?


Most of us have been victims of such purchases. But we can stop it. Everything we do is a choice. And yes, at times it can be a very daunting task just to say no. But if you do NOT learn to say no, then you will probably become very broke. It`s not a way to live. Cut up the credits cards. If you have the cash, use it. If you do not, too damn bad! Save the money for a rainy day. It will come again. So be better prepared!


At times, unexpected things may happen. It`s how we deal with it that matters. If it`s a positive thing, appreciate it, remember it and continue on. If it`s a negative thing that happens, then learn from it, never forget it, and move on!


Remember we ALL have the Power of Choice! And we ALL know the right choices to make. It`s up to each person to use the Power of Choice to do what`s best for them! Now go in to 2009 with a smarter outlook, and use it throughout your entire life and you`ll be happy you did! I promise!


I wish you great happiness and success with all your endeavors!

Glenn Brandon Burke, M.Ed, Motivational Speaker