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Published:January 11th, 2009 14:46 EST
Press Review on Cameroon Gossip

Press Review on Cameroon Gossip

By Zoneziwoh Mbondgulo

December issues


Press review on Cameroon gossip is a rundown of monthly briefings from local journals nationwide. It focuses on burning issues within the nation, as well as other local info including "what I think`.


The December editions on Cameroon gossip; "Defense minister saves face with MPs promises greater security`  Tarhyang Enowbikah Tabe; the minister of defense Remy Ze  Meka has assured parliamentarians that his ministry is putting hands on desks to make sure,  national  security is guaranteed especially along the nation`s territorial boundaries.


In his regard to the Limbe bank robbery, he said; the Limbe authorities did their job but for the military officials who failed to react accordingly in time.


"External relations ministry, transparency international office burgled` kini nsom; after the recent attack on the head quarters of general delegation for national security, bandits have burgled offices at the ministry of external relations and transparency international, making away with computers, valuable documents and an undisclosed sum of money.


In the external relations ministry, the offices of the director of general affairs and his secretariat were reportedly ransacked, louvers of offices were broken and three computers containing vital information were stolen.


"Sacked presidential aide attempts suicide` in a related story, the military officers who allegedly stole president Paul Biya`s brief case  in Geneva, Switzerland, last September-2008 attempted to commit suicide when he learnt of his dismissal from the army recently.


Lieutenant Luc Emane is reported to have hit his head several times against a wall at the Yaoundé military hospital in an attempt to harm himself.

The post learnt that the former aide to Paul Biya collapsed when he learnt that a presidential decree fired him from the army with no retirement benefits.

Thanks to some hospital nurses who quickly noticed and immediately offered helping hands.


"Are military tribunals necessary in peace time?` Apella Magellan; freedom is the most cherishing virtues which any society can guarantee its citizens. The lack of freedom both at the national and international levels has led to hostilities and all out wars.


Military tribunals are state sponsored terrorism and in order to ensure the right to a fair hearing, civil courts are created to try citizens` felonies and misdemeanors. Military tribunals are court meant to try members of the armed forces who have violated military laws.


The demise of every regime starts with excesses. History has told us that the demise of every regime starts with excesses. One can mention just a few examples such as Idi Amin of Uganda, Mobutu of Zaire. When the time for the demise is near, even the elected officials are first to deliver up the citizens whom they pretend to present.


"Life with Maurice Ambeno-the answer to malaria`

HIV-AIDs have been given more attention for no more reason than that a lot of money is being made available in handling it. Countless unproductive, unnecessarily expensive conferences have been held around the world in the name of fighting against HIV-AIDs. Malaria, an older first killer, is sometimes mentioned only in passing.


In all mosquitoes infested areas like ours, malaria is an ever present dangerous and deadly disease. We can`t afford to pretend to ignore its presence to HIV-AIDs simply because our leaders, who are the main beneficiaries of the HIV-AIDs booty, have chosen to join the European band wagon of deceit.


"Minister denounce high telephone cost` kini; post telecommunication minister, Bello Bouba Maigari, has taken great exception to the fact that mobile telephone calls in Cameroon are still relatively too expensive for a common man.


Bello expressed his disapproval while chairing commemorative activities marking the 10th anniversary of the telecommunication regulatory board, in Yaoundé dec.3rd-2008.


"Relic of St. Therese comes to Cameroon.` Walters nana; people spent millions of fcfa to go visit the relic of St. Therese of the child Jesus in Lisieux, France. Here it is in our sitting room. Thanks to some people of good will who initiated the idea of bringing her relic-to Cameroon.

This is God`s sign of goodness to Cameroon.


"St. Therese was a woman, who felt that God had called her to take his mission out of France to the rest of the world. That is bringing the good news to the rest of the world, which is part of communication. Having the relic with us means the message is getting to its target, even though she is dead, she is still alive and that message has reached us in Cameroon. St Therese has come to bring the message of god to the people of Cameroon.` Said Fr. Moses Tazoh, head of communication at Buea diocese explaining the impact of the relic of St Therese to Christians.


"Public perception of lawyers` we commonly hear jokes made of lawyers which often, painting a veritable grim picture of persons in the profession. The jokes portray them as dishonest, materialistic, dubious, fraudulent "although the light-hearted jokes offend nobody; they appear to carry the real perception of the public of lawyers.


Lawyers therefore have a duty to build a positive image of them rather than dismiss the negative public perception of legal practitioners as misguided.


"Pharmacologist says common medicinal plants are curative` Elvis Tah; Moses Njutain, assistant lecturer in the department of biochemistry and microbiology at the university of Buea, has said that plants have a positive effect in curing malaria and other bacterial infectious.


"Cameroonian painters receive good reviews` Walters Wilson Nana; there is certainly no stopping for the last pictures show"  exhibitions. Dedicated for the promotion of Cameroonian visual artists in the country and on the international scene, "the last pictures show" concept has been a harbinger of good tidings for the Cameroonian painters` paintings.


"Habitat for humanity donates to psychiatric patients` Chris Mbunwe; in less than two years, habit for humanity Cameroon, HFH was recently again in Babungo, northwest region to hand over six buildings of four rooms each.


This gift has increased the number of rooms to accommodate psychiatric patients and at the same time providing structures to accommodate staff.


In all, habitat for humanity has constructed some 24 rooms to house 44 families who are suffering from mental disorder in Babungo village.

Joseph Akombo Neba, assistant divisional officer for Babessi told the staff and patients of Babungo health centre that habitat for humanity  can only be enticed to come again if they put to good use the modern houses.


"Poor conditions characterize detention centers`  Edith Wirdze; despite incessant calls for better conditions for prison inmates and other detained persons, a recent tour to police stations, gendarmeries reveals appalling living conditions for detainees.


The tour which was organized from Dec. 2nd-5th by the national commission on human rights and freedom , in collaboration with the UN development program, UN centre for human rights & democracy, was part of the activities to mark the 60th anniversary of the universal declaration of human rights celebrated every dec.10th.


At the end of the tour the chair person, Dr. Divine Chemuta said that reports detention centers will be forwarded to government and human rights partners. He also said; focus will be on how to develop the negative aspects in order to improve on the human rights situation.


"Police brutalized, arrest anti-corruption activists` Kini Nsom; the president of international NGO, citizens association for the defense of collective interest, ACDIC, Bernard Njonga was wed. Dec. 10th arrested by elements of the central police district in Yaoundé.


The activist and eight others were brutalized and arrested at the ACDIC headquarters at the Rue Ceper neighborhood as they mobilized some 1000 farmers to state a protest match against what they call high level corruption at the ministry of agriculture and rural development.


Paradoxically, the ACDIC president was arrested when government officials had roll out their drums in celebration of 2008-year`s international human rights day under the canopy of national commission of human rights and freedom.


 Unfortunately we will not be having "What I think` for this Dec. edition on Cameroon press gossip.