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Published:January 11th, 2009 13:49 EST
prince harry

Prince Harry's Racist Slurs Royal Pain

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Videos purportedly shot by Britain`s Prince Harry and including offensive language prompted an official apology Saturday from the prince and the royal family.

According to the British-based News of the World, which released the videos on its Web site, the videos show British soldiers while a voice presumed to be Harry`s calls one solider a `Paki,` and in another clip tells soldier wearing a cloth on his head that he looks `like a raghead.`

A spokesman for Prince Harry apologized in a statement released by St. James`s Palace Saturday after the videos surfaced online. The spokesman said the prince -- who is third in line to the British throne -- `understands how offensive this term can be, and is extremely sorry for any offense his words might cause.`"


Prince Harry isn`t just another grunt in the British armed forces, he`s an officer and third in line to the British throne. Instead of using racist and demeaning language, he should be setting an example for his fellow troops.

This repulsive incident isn`t an aberration, in 2005 Prince Harry got in hot water for wearing a Nazi uniform to a party. Good looks and royal blood don`t give Harry a license to be a racist. The young man didn`t learn his lesson from his first widely publicized act of racism, he should be severely punished this time to make sure that he finally gets it. He should be kicked out of the armed forces, or at least stripped of his rank.

It`s unconscionable for Prince Harry to refer to a fellow soldier as "my little Paki friend". Paki is a racist slur hurled against British citizens of Pakistani descent, and racists often use diminutive terms like "little" in a condescending way against minorities.

Harry is a racist and an idiot, he knows that he`s always in the spotlight but yet he still tapes himself uttering racist epithets

The British government has been trying in recent years to recruit ethnic minorities to the military, Harry`s racist inclinations isn`t exactly helping in that effort.

The British tabloids love the Royal Family because their antics provide plenty of fodder for them, but the rest of us are sick and tired of them. For the good of the UK, I hope the racist prince never ascends to the throne.