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Published:February 3rd, 2009 16:16 EST
Reflections of Nakumatt

Reflections of Nakumatt

By Juliet Maruru

The Nakumatt Fire shocked us for various reasons. We were afraid for people who might have been trapped in the fire. We were sad for the dozens who have likely lost a means for living. We were embarrassed by our city`s unpreparedness for disasters. We may have lost our heads and acted like buffoons out of curiosity, going to close to danger and making it difficult for the already challenged emergency services to do their job. We were proud of the men who put their lives in danger, civilian, armed and emergency forces, to stop the fire from spreading through our city.

Times like these should halt us in our preoccupation to survive and reflect what we are doing personally to make this country as great as it should be.
Mwenda Riungu has created just such a country, plagued by war and civil strife, corruption and crime, then rising into a great country that anyone who has been away from home, would like to go home to. Going Home Muthoni Garland is in mourning. For a great country that could have been. And for a young man who died too soon. Rest in Peace Dr. James Nganga Kariuki Muiruri. Kenya Nchi Yetu.

Alexa Adhiambo reflects on what Obama`s actions in the last week mean for Women and Children all over the world. Victory.

And now for a taste of creative writing, two writers experiment with a different kind of writing. Steve Mwangi shares his Random Mystery Shorts and Denis Okey tells us about Eve`s daughter.

I promised you tears and laughter. This week`s Story of the Week comes from Janet Mbugua, titled Tender, She calls.

Her youth is a blur of images, but in those snapshots, she remembers her wide smile, her ebullient laugh, her needy hands that warm night in the phone booth entangled in Morrison`s arms, breathless, seductive. She remembers these snapshots now and often wonders where that girl went, and why this woman now says so little. Then she recalls that treacherous moment, wishing it wouldn`t haunt and haunt, when all she wants is release "

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