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Published:February 6th, 2009 16:02 EST
Press review on Cameroon gossip, January 2009.

Press review on Cameroon gossip, January 2009.

By Zoneziwoh Mbondgulo

Press review on Cameroon gossip, January 2009.

SOP Foreign Contributor, Zoneziwoh Mbondgulo


Press review on Cameroon gossip is a rundown of monthly briefings from local journals nationwide. It focuses on burning issues within the nation, as well as other local info including "what I think."


January 2009 setting the precedent, together we shall drive it towards the route we wish it to be.


ELECAM swearing in;

ELECAM or ELEC-CPDM: The Death of Democracy in Cameroon with the Acquiescence of the Commonwealth ELECAMandCommonwealth.htm

After skipping the 15 January date for the swearing in of the ELECAM board members, the government is in the process of deciding the next date. The Herald has been reliably informed that the supreme court proposes 29/30th January to Paul Biya, though  president Paul Biya often prefers to make a mystery of ordinary events and also refuses to be predicted, may set both dates aside and announce a date of his choice just in time to have the court prepare and guest invited.


Controversy over ELECAM continues as Supreme Court rejects SDF case. Far from expectation of those opposed to the appointment of members of ELECAM, the SDF suit at the Supreme Court which provided hope has met with a stone wall.


The administrative bench of the Supreme Court has officially given its blessings and approval for the official installation of the 12 members of ELECAM in Yaoundé by out rightly rejecting the litigation filed by leading opposition`s party in Cameroon.


According to ordinance No 01/OSE/CCA/2009 issued by the administrative bench of the supreme court on 23rd January 2009, the litigation filed by the SDF requesting the suspension of decree No 2008/463 of 30th December 2008  appointing members of national election council, ELECAM has been judged unjustified and consequently rejected. The ordinance pointed out that the decree was government action susceptible to legal complaints by virtue of article 4 of law No 2006/022 of 29th December 2006 laying down the organization and functioning of administrative court. The decree in question is a political decision which according to law gives the president of the republic exclusively the right to decide on its application. ?


Bishops say Cameroon is hell of insecurity

Preparation inches intensifies as time ticks awaiting pope benedict XVI`s visit from March 17th " 20th, bishops in Cameroon have described the country as hell of insecurity.


In a press release issued after their Episcopal meeting, the bishops raised alarms about the rise of corruption, tribalism, unemployment. They also expressed disappointment that Cameroon seems to be a land of spiritual barrenness because even Christians here are not demonstrating any exemplary behavior.


Newspaper publishers vow to make their voices heard

Newspapers in Cameroon are still doing their best to meet comparative standards existing elsewhere due to the multiple problems weathering the industry down. The punches reaching the industry are from all angles, printing houses  raising printing cost with out dialoguing with agencies can unilaterally increase the cover price of the product " newspapers " which most publishers can`t afford or vendors photocopy portions of the newspaper and sell instead of the newspapers itself, where laws are imposed on publishers on what should be published, etc.


It was on the basis of the aforementioned situation amongst the newspaper publisher opted for a union that will be able to handle their problems.


Petit pays and the synagogue church of all nations

Last week, many were taken aback when Cameroon`s ace musician petit pays appeared on emmanuel TV confessing in front of prophet T B Joshua asking the man of God to pray to set him free. Petit pays accept to have been mixed up with witchdoctors.


It is good thing to give your one`s life to Christ, but I begin to wonder if this is not just a publicity stunt by petit pays. It should be recalled that in the late nineties this same petit pays appeared naked on the cover of his album and he sold like hot cake. Not long ago appeared several times on television dressed like a woman, all to attract attention.


Knowing fully well that emmanuel TV is attracting a lot of viewers` worldwide, petit pays might just be tying to use this milieu for his ego.


Police rescue government from accusations of assassinating Moumies`s wife

By arresting Frank Eboutou Minia`a, 18, the suspected assassin of Matha Moumie, January 10th, the police in the Ebolowa, south region of Cameroon, and exonerated government from allegations that it had assigned the suspect to killed this widow.


Martha, 78, who was brutally murdered at her angale lakeside residence of Ebolowa on January 7, was the wife of UPC leader, late Felix Mounie, killed by the French colonial administration.


Martha had written books like ?victim de colonialisme` in which she vividly recollects the brutal assassination of her husband and other UPC leaders.


Higher education minister told to resign

The minister of higher education prof. Jacques fame Ndongo, has been urged to immediately resign for condoning the fraud that characterizes the entrance examinations into the higher teacher training colleges, ENS Yaoundé, and its annex Bambili.


The call is contained in declaration issued at the Yaoundé Bernard Fonlon research centre January 15th, by the foundation for human rights and development, FHRD.


The declaration signed by the executive president, Afanyi Ngeh, a copy which the post procured is addressed to the president of the republic, prime ministers, minister of higher education and rectors of universities.


Speaker awards self fcfa 18 million, including other juicy benefits.

House speaker, Hon, Cavaye Yeguie has signed a decision awarding him an annual allowance of fcfa 18 million upon retirement. This means that he will be entitle to fcfa 1.5 million a month.


This was one of the decisions the national assembly bureau adopted recently. In addition to that juicy retirement package, any former speaker of the national assembly will have a monthly water allowance of fcfa 150 000, electricity & communication allowance of fcfa 250 000 respectively.


So far, it is clear that the first person to enjoy this allowance will be the incumbent speaker, Hon, Cavaye.


Military official recommends ban on ?Cameroon calling`.

A senior military official at the presidency of the republic, recently, urged authorities of the Cameroon radio & television, CRTV, to ban the Sunday morning radio program ?Cameroon calling`, CC, for being too critical of government.


A CRTV source who name isn`t mentioned for confidential reasons, told the post that the official un-named was incensed by the critical commentaries that journalists run on the program. The official, who is one of the senior aides to president Biya, is quoted to have told CRTV authorities that CC harbors a nest of rebels. He reportedly said that anti-establishment comments the journalists run show that they are rebels who can over throw government if given the least opportunity.


As a result, the CRTV authorities assured the state official they will caution journalists to tone down and not prescribe the program yet the military man insisted on the ban of CC, then, the CRTV had to asked him to suggest a program which will replace CC. what a shame & total disgrace, this military man was unable to defend his ego.


Anti-corruption government persecuting anti-corruption activist

The Yaoundé authorities have embarked upon a legal process which at the best is an embarrassment to the regime. Many people who turned up at the Yaoundé court of first instance expressed surprised that the government that makes the fight against corruption its flagship policy should be going after an anti-corruption activist.


Bernard Njonga president of the association for the defense of collective interest, ACDIC, and anti-corruption watchdog was summoned to court, charge for holding a meeting that denounced corruption, thus disturbing public order and peace. This incident took place in early December after Njonga had published a list of senior public officials who had illicitly acquired 49 of 60 Indian tractors given to Cameroon as aid.


After Abbia, Cinema Le Wouri sealed

As occurred in the nation`s capital Yaoundé over the week ago, Douala no longer have a cinema projection hall. The city`s lone cinema le Wouri was sealed in rather spectacular manner Monday evening.


One of Cameroon`s famed director; Basseck Ba Kobhio said that it was unbelievable that within less than 20 years, cinema halls in the country had dropped from above a hundred to three and today nothing. It`s a shame! Almost all of those sealed cinema halls has been transformed by landlords into Pentecostal churches or supermarkets.


"What I think"

A time will come when Cameroonians wouldn`t be judge by their mother tongues, or their surnames but by meritocracy. Where Government with no nation with become government with tribes, people in a nation. Waiting that time with smiling faces, it will come like a thief, when we all least expect? Where intellectuals will show their talents blessed wisdom.


A time will come when the learner will be motivated, whispering sounds behind their ears; all is well, go on!  "Yes! You can!"


All shall become history, just like yesterdays, and then artists will neither be regarded as frustrated being nor people of no nations but as people who understand who God is.


Then, I will be hearing them saying;  "God is an artist! This life living is a movie directed by the greatest director God."


God is an artist