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Published:February 6th, 2009 11:19 EST
Times When Pain is so Suffused into our Everyday Lives

Times When Pain is so Suffused into our Everyday Lives

By Juliet Maruru

There are times when pain is so suffused into our every day lives such that we start going through the motions of life, as if in a fog, not quite sure how it will turn out for us.

The last few months have inflicted such pain in Kenyan lives, that it is very easy to lose our souls to the pain. Last week, we watched as dozens of Kenyans lost their lives. We discussed the underlying issues that contributed to the loss of life. Safety management. Metropolis Planning. Road insecurity. Poverty. We can spend a lot of time discussing all the ills that plague our country. Like any plague, these ills will continue to claim lives until a vaccination and cure can be found.

Suffering in Kenya continues

To prevent and to heal. The thing is, we can accomplish a lot in our own little worlds, by being aware and being responsible for our actions. Let`s not go into the numbness of despair. Instead, as we mourn our losses, let us each actively launch our efforts into making this country a little better for just one person.

Let us support all those who are already doing their part. Collectively, we can make our Kenya into the Kenya We Want. Yes, We can! On that note I send you into this week`s Storymoja reading.

This week`s Story of the Week comes from Connie Mutua, and is a semi-rant on LIFE. It must bug them to think that I`m proud even in my mtumba clothes and two-month old weave. Come to think of it, why can`t they buy clothes that actually fit?

Not those things they throw over their backs which seem to only cover their nipples and nothing else. See, I thought once you have money it`s so easy to buy clothes worthy of the name. I bet I can get something like that in the Gikomba kiddy section for just 5 bob. At least for some folk, money can`t buy class.

I wonder if this restaurant will have English terms in their menus this time.... Read Life here Carol Gaithuma is back. She was Almost Gone. Muthoni Garland got a lesson on How to Parlay a Bit of Luck into a Life Changing Experience. Boniface Gachugu has found his humour and went to play with the word Silly. Muriithi Ngugi wants to tell us about his Sweetheart Wheelchair.

Njeri Kiragoh totally Lost It. Finally, Leo Wandili launches into his debate about our School System. Once again I am calling out for submissions of your stories. Eye Witness Accounts, as well as Discussions on ways we can make our Kenya better and safer will be most welcome.

Send all your submissions to and mark clearly on the Subject For Blog/Story of the Week. Yours Truly, Editor

- Juliet Maruru Online Editor,, Author,