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Published:February 9th, 2009 10:32 EST

The Worldwide Downturn: What Does This Mean For India

By SOP newswire2

This decade is the end of Christian evangelical Capitalism and Islamic Oil economy. The Western economies, the islamic world and almost all other countries which are tied into the aforesaid poles are embroiled in headaches that will take away most of their creative energies in the next decade or two. Constant wars will happen between them, economies will continue to crumble and people in those countries will lose what is needed the most for any developed nation to sustain growth...."happiness".

Here is why India and China; the two ancient, slumbering, bumbling and not so nimble giants are at the doorstep of opportunity. China is unique since it is guaranteed strong leadership on account of its one party system and almost ruthless decision making.  I would not call them communists anymore since they have changed the core interpretation of atheist communism into a chinese noodle styled cultural socialism. You can see chinese people today following buddhism or confucianism at home, their ancient wisdom being given social due and China finally understanding that if they take the right steps in the next 20 years, they will become the biggest market in the world displacing the US, EU and Japan one by one.
India on the other hand in not far behind. Having experimented with "mixed economy","controlled capitalism" and other blended concepts for over 60 years, it is increasingly becoming aware of its size and pull in the world arena.
Indian government in the future will have to make sure that a new system is built that will take into account all the positives and pitfalls of worldwide financial/political systems. They will ultimately have to end up devising India`s own " custom" mantra for growth. India however needs strong political will with respect to Foreign policy, internal Law & order and infrastructure building. Unless India lets its Police, judiciary, infrastructure agencies become completely independent (yet accountable) and continues to invest heavily in all round growth which includes infrastructure projects, it is far far behind this race to "exploit the opportunity" the world has presented today. Indian politicians have to realise that opportunity does not knock twice. 2009 is crucial for India and its future.
It is to be seen who takes credit for leading India into the exclusive high table of worldwide supremacy over the next 25 years.

Source: India Gov.