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Published:February 22nd, 2009 11:00 EST
Maoist People Liberation Army

Nepal Is Destroying Their Cultural Heritage!

By SOP newswire2

The language, literature, culture and tradition are the real treasures of any nation. These fields should be left out of dirty politics. These are the elements that help people bind together and help towards keeping nation intact. Language, literature, culture and tradition represent the nation. The richness of a nation is also measured by the language, literature, culture and tradition.
Nepal is a small nation. But it is very rich in languages, literatures, cultures and traditions. Although Nepal has less than 30 million people, it has more than thirty languages spoken in its land.. People celebrate so many festivals attached to our culture and tradition. Nepali people living in the Kathmandu valley celebrate "Indra Jatra` to please the god for the rain shower during the harvest season. People in "Terai`, the southern plateau celebrate "Chhath` to please the Sun to bring a light in their lives by fulfilling the wishes they have.

Maoist People Liberation Army

The people who live in the mountainous regions celebrate "Lhosar` as the beginning of the New Year to bring the happiness in the whole year. Kathmandu locals celebrate their new year as "Nhudaya Bhintuna` for the same purpose. People celebrate the "Buddha Jayanti` to remember Lord Buddha`s enlightenment irrespective of what part of the nation they reside. People from all parts of the country gather in Pashupatinath Temple to celebrate "Shiva Ratri` to pray Lord Shiva-Shankar for the well-being and happiness.
Nepali people living in a same land have been taking the fellow citizens` invaluable languages, literatures, cultures and traditions as the addition to their own rich heritage. Thus, people were happy to have different languages, literatures, cultures and traditions and enjoying to accept all of them as their own and coming closer to each other. It is this reason the Maoists are smelling their ultimate goal to establish People`s Republic shattering because of the closeness of Nepali people having different languages, literatures, cultures and traditions. The Maoists saw benefits in "divide and rule` and this prompted the Maoists to encroach in every sectors of the society. The appointment of the Vice-Chancellor of Nepal Academy must be considered from above perspectives. 
Maoist Minister Gopal Kirati`s appointment of Maoist cadet as Vice-Chancellor of the Nepal Academy is nothing more than to invite division and clashes among the intellectuals, litterateurs, artists, writers and poets in the name of inclusiveness. Under the table appointment of the Vice-Chancellor who proudly claims to be the Maoist People Liberation Army cadet has invited growing atrocities among the intellectuals, writers, poets and artists. This appointment should be declared null and void.

A person who is purely engaged in intellectual pursuits or who has contributed towards promoting language, arts and literature has to be given the responsibility and not to a person who claims to be the Maoist militia. We cannot accept Maoist encroachment everywhere. We cannot see our heritage being destroyed by the Maoists.
Kamala Prasai,
New York,
Coordinator, Nepali Women Diaspora