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Published:February 26th, 2009 10:17 EST
Preparing for War in Afghanistan

Preparing for War in Afghanistan

By Tameka Bankhead

Americans across the country are implementing frugal ways to deal with the recession, and United States soldiers from the Marines, Army, Air force are preparing to go to Afghanistan.

Since 2001, Operation Enduring Freedom and the International Security Systems Force have been working to destroy Al-Qaeda, remove the Taliban regime and Taliban supported insurgents, and to capture Osama Bin Ladin

 According to Oleg Kubanov, a former Russian officer of the Afghanistan-Russian war, it`s like fighting sand, ( in reference to the insurgents and their guerilla warfare tactics.

In relation to the efforts of the American government restoring representative leadership in Afghanistan he continued, no force in the world can get the better of the Afghans".

Our great President doesn`t think so.

He is sending more troops to Afghanistan to create representative leadership in a place where Afghan leader, Hamid Karzai cannot gain the support of the population, women are flogged as punishment, and 23% of the populations` children have clean drinking water.  

Contributing more gloom and doom to the fight ahead of American soldiers, and some say deservedly so, the prominent and political figure Lieutenant General Boris Gramov, who was the last of the Russian soldiers to leave Afghanistan,  echoed some of the same sentiments.

Lieutenant General Boris Gramov goes on to state, it would be foolish of Americans to add more and more troops into a place that will subject soldiers to continuous guerilla warfare."

Considering that America cannot go into the country with nonstop air strikes there must be a way to strike a balance. And it appears that the Obama Administration may be the balance that this type of war requires. But there are still the antagonists who predict the worst.

Former Russian soldier Andrei Banderenko states, in regards to the United States, they`ll send more in and they`ll lose more ( "

 America is designed for wars that require a soft hand and a firm stand, this time is no exception.

 President Obama will deal more effectively with the Afghan people because he is going to work with people within the modernized side of the Taliban to restore much needed leadership there.

 America will not rush in with force, on the heels of Iraq because the world would likely view us as trying to vie for a spot as the new Germany.

We will foster an understanding of the Afghans customs, and place in leadership who the people want and will listen to.

This will pave the way for the third world country to begin to move forward. This will take affect slowly of course.  This being due to the fact that the word democracy cannot even fully translate into the language of the Afghan people, " according to Retired Lt. Gen. Ruslan Aushev, who served five years in Afghanistan (

 If it is true that the more soldiers sent in to Afghanistan will create more resistance then America should work with the more modern aspects of the Taliban to put someone more popular with the people in charge to uphold the representative leadership that many would like to see for Afghanistan.

There are ways that this war can be won. And Obama will win it for us.

Some tactics that could be of help would be to send in ANA (Afghan National Army) before you send in American troops, so that these soldiers who are already familiarized with the mountainous terrain could have a head start to prepare the United States soldiers.

 Have guides native to the country thoroughly planted in the north, south, east, and west to update, examine, and explain the terrain to military leaders as well as the other soldiers.

The mountainous terrain must be thoroughly examined by geography experts.

Having war historians place the geography in a historical perspective may help soldiers to effectively provide combat in places like Southern Afghanistan.

Have native dressed troops specifically clothed and strategically armed for combating terror in Afghanistan. A uniform that is designed to blend into the general population in Afghanistan may be of help.

Have the air force play an integral role in waiting, and watching locations with potential for guerilla warfare.

Make sure that soldiers are prepared for insurgents to try to lure soldiers into terrain unsuited for them. We have strategist, historians, and experts on geography; with these resources we should achieve our objectives in Afghanistan.

It is this belief of this writer that the current administration will win this war. They will win this war because they are willing to listen to the Afghan people, and restore leadership for the people there.

The Obama administration will not repeat the mistakes of the previous administration because they differ on policy and this administration is more focused on democracy, not how many contracts the war will create.