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Published:March 1st, 2009 16:19 EST
Concern Over the Nominees of Nepali Envoys

Concern Over the Nominees of Nepali Envoys

By SOP newswire2

The Nepali Nationalists Organization (NNO), USA, condemns the efforts to derail the nomination of Dr. Sukhdev Shah and Dr. Ram Swarat Raya as Nepali Envoys to the United States and the United Kingdom. The nomination should get green light without any unnecessary entanglement.
Dr. Sukhdev Shah`s possession of the US Green Card does not mean he has shown his allegiance towards the country where he is expected to represent Nepal. The Green Card`s possession and acquiring US citizenship are completely different things. The Green Card is something like receiving permission for legal stay and at times, it helps to compete for the better job or to have business house in the United States. There are thousands of Nepali people with Green Card in the US who intentionally avoid possessing US citizenship because of the love towards motherland, Nepal. Hundreds of thousands Nepali people live with the same status in different parts of the world. These people are Nepali Living Abroad (NLA) whose stay abroad is just for the temporary basis. Dr. Sukhdev Shah`s stay in the US has been for the temporary basis otherwise, he could have acquired US citizenship. Unless made any effort to acquire alien citizenship, no one should smell a rat and make a big issue while nominating Nepal`s envoy.
It is quite understandable that the people who raised the issue of Dr. Sukhdev Shah`s allegiance are none other than the people who see their interests being tarnished.  Dr. Sukhdev Shah is also blamed for not aware of ground reality of Nepal because he stayed out of Nepal for so long which is baseless. People staying outside do not make anyone unattached with the events of a country we all love badly. Instead, staying outside of the motherland for a time being make people even more attached to all events that unfold the country. The people who stay outside of the country love her more than who sees every event for the personal gains. Thus, Dr. Shah`s love towards Nepal cannot be questioned. His service will help mitigate the problems of the ground reality that is the need of foreign assistance to tackle the growing economic stagnation. Dr. Shah`s experience needs to be unitized at all cost.
Another nominee, Dr. Ram Swarat Raya`s qualification was put into display to make him unqualified candidate for the job of Nepali Envoy to the United Kingdom. Dr. Raya is a science professor which makes him more qualified than any other candidate in the past. Nepal`s development cannot become so easy unless and until scientific methods are applied. Dr. Raya can easily attract the interested business entrepreneurs to invest in Nepal in different sectors, less in investment and more reasonable projects. Thus, both the nominees, Dr. Sukhdev Shah and Dr. Ram Swarat Raya should be easily passed from the hearings.
Against the backdrop mentioned above, the Nepali Nationalists Organization (NNO), USA, requests the Minister for Foreign Affairs Mr. Upendra Yadav to stick to his position and not to consider withdrawing the Nepali envoy nominees, Dr. Sukhdev Shah and Dr. Ram Swarat Raya.
On behalf of the Nepali Nationalists Organization (NNO), USA
Chairman, Bishal Bikram Shah