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Published:March 3rd, 2009 17:39 EST
Saudi Scholar: Broadcasting Movies As Dangerous As Selling Drugs

Saudi Scholar: Broadcasting Movies As Dangerous As Selling Drugs

By Robert Paul Reyes


"A Saudi religious scholar is accusing a royal tycoon and another Saudi businessman of being as dangerous as drug dealers because the TV channels they own broadcast movies.

The edict comes about six months after the former head of the kingdom`s highest tribunal said it was permissible to kill the owners of satellite TV stations that show content deemed immoral. He did not name anyone."

Believing in Islam is like going down a rabbit hole where the laws of physics and commons sense don`t apply. In the surreal kingdom of Saudi Arabia it`s a grave sin to broadcast movies on TV, but it`s perfectly kosher for a public official to incite citizens to murder the owners of satellite TV stations.

Movie theatres were closed in Saudi Arabia in the 1980, and the Muslim clerics can`t abide the thought that the people can watch movies in the privacy of their homes away from the prying eyes of the religious police. Sad to say but the term "religious police" is not just a figure of speech in Saudi Arabia, there really is a religious police with the authority to arrest people who are caught listening to "decadent" Western music or who are dressed "inappropriately."

American movies and sit-coms are a breath of fresh air in a sexually repressive society where women are forced to cover themselves from head to toe. I bet that the American and European programs garner the highest ratings in Saudi Arabia.

It`s imperative that we explore and develop alternate forms of energy, so we don`t have to kowtow to Saudi Arabian religious nutcases. Our reliance on fossil fuels has made us beholden to these Neanderthals, and that`s an untenable position for the world`s greatest democracy.

It`s also imperative that America guard itself against fanatics in our own country, who would love to institute their own brand of religious tyranny. Those of us who treasure democracy and love freedom of speech must speak out whenever religion invades the public sphere.

A country that has no cinemas and doesn`t allow young lovers to hold hands in public is hell on Earth, and I wish our government would stop deferring to the wishes of Saudi Arabia.