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Published:March 9th, 2009 12:19 EST
The UPA has failed the country

The UPA has failed the country

By SOP newswire2

The UPA came to power because the NDA did not come up with the required numbers in 2004. They continued in power citing "strong economic leadership" and a "Secular outlook".On both these counts and several others, they have failed India. A charge sheet on the UPA government may be endless but at least some of their greatest follies have to be understood by everyone:

1. ZERO PERFORMANCE ON SECURITY AND NATIONAL DEFENCE: The so called diplomatic pressure on Pakistan hasn`t gotten any results. India has looked weak and foolish within the international community. Under the UPA, India`s stature as a nation capable of being" independant" has been severely dented. India has now earned the reputation of being a soft and directionless nation.

2. NEGATIVE PERFORMANCE ON RELIGIOUS AND SOCIAL ISSUES: UPA has been completely insensitive to the feelings of Hindus who constitute more than 82% of India`s population. Repeated attempts to undermine the Hindu religion, covert actions to destroy symbols of faith, turning a blind eye to christian evangelism and repeated attempts at blackmarking Hindu saints and organizations have left a majority of Hindus badly hurt. If this were to happen in any other country other than India, this government would have been violently jolted.
3. AVERAGE PERFORMANCE ON THE ECONOMY: An average report for the so called "economic superstar team" is a shame. The Monteks, Chidambarams and manmohans should have known better. It goes to show without doubt that these "American" chamchas knew only one thing ; Sell/open up Land/industry/people in lieu of investment and hope the capitalist private sector just make the world a better place. India now can claim to be just on the brink of being a "bastard" nation.
How could the Indian economists believe that just by bringing in foreign investment, the economy would become better and would make India a stronger nation. It is just like, I experimented with socialism so far and it hasnt worked, so now, I will transition into a slave nation to western economies.....Unbelievable !!!
4. CORRUPTION HAS BECOME PART OF THE SYSTEM:  India is perhaps the most corrupt nation in the world today. Congress rule for 50 years out of 62 has just made India the "corruption" capital of the world. If one can dig up the benami bank accounts from outside India and bring that money back to be used by a "REAL" government, India would become the richest nation on earth.
The Congress is supposedly imagining a second term under the UPA umbrella. Little do they realize that "anti incumbency" is so high in states where they are in power, they will be unable to even call up allies after elections asking for a "post poll" money for power deal.

Unknown Indian