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Published:March 21st, 2009 10:31 EST
Nigeria Home Of Scammers, Drug Runners And Islamic Militants

Nigeria Home Of Scammers, Drug Runners And Islamic Militants

By Robert Paul Reyes

Nigeria is synonymous with ethnic violence, religious discord, corruption and drug trafficking. Despite Nigeria`s great oil wealth most of its citizens live in abject poverty. I`d rather spend a month in Siberia than one day in Nigeria.

Trying to overturn Nigeria`s well-deserved bad reputation is an exercise in futility. But the president of Nigeria hopes that a new slogan emblazoned on T-Shirts and baseball caps will change people`s perception of his country.

"Under the slogan `Nigeria: Good People, Great Nation,` Nigeria hopes to eschew that image and `entrench a culture of moral re-armament,` President Umaru Yar`Adua said in a speech." Reuters

In order for a slogan to be effective, it must bear at least a smidgen of truth. Nigeria is anything but a great nation, and 100% of the Nigerians that I`ve met online or in person have been scammers.

Not too many Americans will defend the integrity of Nigeria, all of our inboxes are full with email from Nigerian scammers. It will take a lot more than a phony slogan to make us change our perception of that godforsaken country.