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Published:March 30th, 2009 12:39 EST
Mumbai and Global Warming

Mumbai and Global Warming

By Raisa Ladji

Global Warming will definitely win, hands down, for being one of the most talked about topics around the world. Yet, the irony lies in how most who preached about the subject are also the least heeded ones.

No, this is not another sermon on global warming and its dire consequences on mankind or, for that matter, all mortals. Having heard it all and being aware of almost everything one needs to learn about global warming, it is, in fact, appalling how we feign ignorance to something as important as this. I`m in the process of learning a lesson, regrettably, the harder way.

Mumbai, well known as Bombay, cited as Shanghai in the making, is the place where I`ve lived all my life. I don`t know much about Shanghai nor am I really interested because I don`t find any reason why Mumbai should ape Shanghai. This year, winters in Mumbai set new records for being the coldest the city had ever witnessed, or say, for past 40 to 50 years. The temperature set new lows everyday, where a normal winter would record a temperature of 18-25 degrees, this year the temperatures descended to as low as eight degrees. It just took one year, in fact only some months, for global warming to give an evidence of what it is capable of. This winter brought about chaos in the lives of almost everyone concerned. Not that winters with eight degrees have never been witnessed elsewhere; but, for a place like Mumbai, it is sure an exception.

In fact, considering the pace at which temperatures are dipping, it`s not long when Mumbai will have winters that snow, although Mumbai was technically or naturally never "designed` to receive it. Going by the way winters have been so far, summers are not expected to provide any relief, all this courtesy global warming. It`s time Shanghai learn something from this.

For all those who still feel they are safe and global warming is not something they have to fear, put on your thinking caps and strive... strive to put "the little bit` we can into averting this catastrophe that awaits all living beings. While most of them reading this will remain unaffected, trouble has definitely been invited and I have seen it occur in my paradise. It is about time we take stand and contribute in making this world a better place to live in.

Well, at the end of it, I have not imparted any knowledge, only sermonized a little bit which I thought wouldn`t happen; but, it was something that brought this unavoidable issue to my notice and I hope I`ve managed to shed some light on the graveness of the situation.

Global Warming has slowly, but surely, crept in to devastate our future and this was just a small hint-- or call it a Warning-- of things to come. And the law of nature will follow yet again. Everything will come forewarned, heed it and survive or perish without blame. "