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Published:April 13th, 2009 13:50 EST
The Modern World - The Manipulation of Our Consciousness

The Modern World - The Manipulation of Our Consciousness

By SOP newswire2

In recent times raises the awareness that at this time of life came to a point. No one knows exactly what will be beyond this line. What is happening to us now? We run for a lot of money, we are running for fashion, prestige, we are in an apartment and car loans, and so every day. And we seriously think that the financial crisis of the banking system breaks us life, and become of the unhappy.

But why we have decided that all these things - are really the most important for us in life? Why do we think that buying a new dishwasher, we have something better and happier? In fact, the obvious truth that no investment in tangible assets does not affect us personally. And we are not getting any smarter, nor insightful, nor capable of, or greater. We only consume and do not give peace. And is not getting better.

Of course, it is impossible to call a one day all people to renounce to the comfort that they are used to create around himself through things. You can not convince people living in difficult climatic conditions, to abandon the cult of «home» and fur garments. Most important thing is not so. The main thing is what value to our priorities. First we must understand that the present happiness of mankind lies not in things and give things a bit less than the value.

The era of big marketers that manipulates consciousness pawns consumer really does not pass without leaving a trace. Today, each bottle with spirits attached almost mystical importance to the magic amulet that achieve this happiness. But in reality it is only a manipulation of our consciousness and nothing more. No one will be happier buying a new deodorant or cream wrinkles. It is therefore silly to feel unhappy if you do not have them. There is a need to dream and to strive for something only if this acquisition will make a valid contribution to the development of man - his mind, soul or body.

It has long been theoretically and empirically proven that the idea - it is energy, and that the thought form is a real matter. If we think we are sending to the world his message and left. So, why each of us dreams of a new car, but not about the art of teleportation? Or a new iphone, but not the ability to thought at a distance? In fact, all this is within reach and not as difficult as it seems.

We know that now more than ever, many children are born indigo and feel that will happen in the coming years, something that forever changed the history of humankind and planet Earth. But humanity should be ready for this. And in an era of change a new wrinkle cream is definitely not be our savior. It should be as soon as possible to realize that only the development of the self is the true value. And that this should be done?

Quite clearly, it is necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle, including sports, to be physically healthy and hardy. There is a need to develop their brain - to read, memorize, learn, interest, travel. There is a need to help other people - friends and strangers. Because this help is not needed them, and you, to anyone who helps. Because that filed today at the intersection of 10 USD a disabled person at the next crossroads may well save your life. There is a need to develop intuition - there is a specific technology application that will develop the intuitive ability of any person.

In short, the value must be a contribution to himself, but not in the thing. On the agenda of any positive idea or action as a contribution to the cultivation of positive energy - creation, preservation, development. It is in our best interest today. After all, tomorrow everything can be quite different - the era of consumption will be only the strong survive and the spirit, not the one who has more living space. Think about it, mankind ...

Shukhrat Khakimov, Writer