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Published:April 16th, 2009 21:11 EST
Obama Gave Guarantees to Turkey About Rasmussen

Obama Gave Guarantees to Turkey About Rasmussen

By Askin Ozcan (Mentor)

Robert Paul Reyes wrote half the truth in his article, is the new head of NATO appeasing jihadists? 

Turkey reacted to Rasmussen`s being the head of NATO on two accounts: 

  1. Denmarks allows ROJ TV, apparently an organ of the terrorist classified PKK to broadcast.
  2. Danish laws did not prevent Danish Press from publishing an ugly cartoon about Prophet Mohammed without respect for him.

After Turkey`s reaction, both Rasmussen accepted to close the ROJ TV and start good relations with the so-called Muslim countries and have as his right arm a Turkish General and other Turkish commanders among the top commanders. And Obama reassured Turkey that Rasmussen would hold his promises. Thereafter, Turkey, an important member of NATO, accepted Rasmussen`s leadership of NATO.  

Koran states clearly that the best Jihad is by education. Those who haven`t read The Holy Koran should read it to learn what it says.

The Koran also states clearly, all the religions of God, have equal value on earth. In the other world, the only religion is Islam. (Meaning the religion of peace, as Islam " means the religion of peace. slm "= is peace " in Arabic.) (Judaism and Christianity and the religion of the Eruct which follows the Psalms, which came to Prophet David, are also religions of peace. The Koran fully accepts these religions and their prophets as the prophets of God, as well as all the prophets mentioned in The Holy Bible)

In the Koran, God also says to Prophet Mohammed: Your duty is to deliver this book to the people. Whether they believe in it or not is their business. You are not a watchman for people`s beliefs."

There is not a single sentence in The Holy Koran that in predominantly Muslim countries, other religions of God should be banned or there should not be free speech or women should be beaten if they are immodestly dressed. If in some countries these are in practice, it is not because of Islam, it is because of ignorance about Islam.

Freedom can not exist without certain discipline. Hence, in the free world there are so many laws to establish order at the cost of freedom. And it is good that way. And certainly God`s Prophets should be respected, if one believes in them or not.

Turkey is not a Muslim country; it is a secular country, where the population predominantly says they are Muslims.

What I don`t understand about NATO is why it doesn`t accept Russia as its member, but prefers to accept Russia as its opponent. Doesn`t NATO want peace?