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Published:April 17th, 2009 20:24 EST

The Crimean and Turkey Development of Economic Relations is Mutually Beneficial

By Elmaz Muzhdabaeva

The particular interest to the Crimea, Turkey happened to have since the  Crimean Tatars returned from their places of deportation in the late 1980`s, 1990`s of the last century.

It is not a coincidence that the Crimean Tatars and the Turks binds the common language and culture of two peoples in their historical context. According to the Turkish Ambassador in Ukraine - Turkish firms are willing to participate in the modernization of tourist infrastructure in Ukraine, and particularly in the Crimea, to a greater extent than in any other foreign investor.

According to Turkish investors, they are  ready to invest $20 billion within 10 years into Crimea, and are showing great interest in large-scale programs to promote tourism on the peninsula.

The Turkish side is ready to invest into the Crimean coast, but only if there will be a clear legal base in Ukraine. Turkey may invest finances in the Crimea and the tourist industry wouldn`t be  afraid of competition. Anatolian and Mediterranean coasts of Turkey   are much better than the Crimean ones.

They developed infrastructure so that the tourist season lasts for seven months, in contrast to the Crimea, where it`s just  three months. But what can be done in the field of tourism in Crimea? At the first place it`s needed to develop the tourism infrastructure.

Turkish companies can successfully engage in the construction of the hotel complexes, calculate on a system of recreation as the «all inclusive». I think the benefits and profits from it will have both  Turkish and Ukrainian businessmen.

Referring to the development of relations between Ukraine and Turkey it should be noted, that the intensive development of the ties between Turkey and the Crimea already exists in the cultural sphere. For example the  Turkish Republic has allocated $ 2.75 million for the restoration of Islamic monuments in Bakhchisarai dated by the beginning of XVI century - Zyndzhyrly madrassas and dyurbe (mausoleum) of the first Crimean Khan, Haji-Girey.

With the support of the Crimean Diaspora in Turkey there were 12 mosques built. Also the buildings were bought for the two houses and a hospital for the Crimean Tatars, more than 250 houses  were demanded for the returnees. The cooperation in the field of education is also presented in relations between theese two countries. In  total there are 500 Crimean Tatar students, who study for free in different Turkish universities.

Taking into account the geographical location of the Crimea, its opportunities for the tourism development we can say that the Crimea " is the investment into future. And we, the Crimean people look forward to an intensive development of Ukrainian-Turkish economic relations.
Elmaz Muzhdabaeva, as  independent political columnist