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Published:April 22nd, 2009 16:53 EST
Afghan Law: Man Can Starve Wife If She Refuses Sex

Afghan Law: Man Can Starve Wife If She Refuses Sex

By Robert Paul Reyes


"A new Afghan law that has drawn Western condemnation for restricting women`s rights does not allow marital rape as its critics claim, but lets men refuse to feed wives who deny them sex, the cleric behind it says.

Ayatollah Mohammed Asef Mohseni`s Shi`ite personal status law sparked controversy abroad because of a provision that `a wife is obliged to fulfil the sexual desires of her husband`.

This was read by some as an open door to marital rape, and together with clauses restricting women`s freedom of movement denounced as reminiscent of harsh Taliban-era rules." MailOnline.Com

This draconian law applies only to the 15 percent of Afghans who are Shiite Muslims, but not even one woman should be forced to live under this misogynist law.

There is no provision in the law stating that a husband is obliged to fulfill the sexual desires of the wife. Islam doesn`t recognize a woman as a multi-faceted human being who has sexual desires of her own. In most Muslim countries women are beasts of burden, and orifices for the satisfaction of their husbands.

Some people withhold food for their dogs if they chew on furniture or if they don`t perform tricks to their master`s liking. Islam views women in much the same way, why not withhold food from a wife who doesn`t put out on demand?

It`s important to take note that Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai signed the law -- maybe it`s time that we stop funneling billions to prop up this weak, ineffectual and undemocratic leader.

The Afghans are cursed to be under bondage to a Neanderthal religion that considers democracy anathema. We will never be able to coerce Afghanistan to embrace democracy. We should get the hell out of that backwards country immediately.

It`s reprehensible that our brave men and women are dying in Afghanistan to keep Karzai in power. If Obama doesn`t backpedal and bring our troops home from Afghanistan, we must attack Obama as vehemently as we blasted George W. Bush.