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Published:April 27th, 2009 09:12 EST
Spain Declares First Confirmed Swine Flu Case In Europe:Who Will Be Next?

Spain Declares First Confirmed Swine Flu Case In Europe:Who Will Be Next?

By Christopher HIllenbrand

Spain`s Health Ministry announced that the country confirmed the first swine flu case in Europe on Monday, and reported that 20 others are showing symptoms of the disease. Swine flu has been linked to cases in countries as far-reaching as New Zealand, but have not been verified. This is the first substantiated case of the illness outside of North America.

Spain Health Minister Trindad Jimenez reported that the victim in question is a young man who recently came back from a trip to Mexico where he was fulfilling a portion of his university studies.

Jimenez asserted that the man is being treated as such and doing well to a press conference. He later said that neither the young man nor any of the other 20 suspected cases are in serious condition.

Questioned about the gravity of the illness in the country, Jimenez said: "The situation is under control."

The man with the only confirmed case of swine flu in Europe lives in the town of Almansa in the Castilla-La Mancha region in central Spain, according to an official release by the region`s health officials.

Jimenez reiterated the news that this is the first confirmed case in the continent.

Spain`s first swine flu patient sought medical attention on Saturday when he was admitted to a hospital, complaining of respiratory issues and high fever.

The outbreak of swine flu is believed to have originated in Mexico, where 22 deaths are blamed on the new H1N1 Type A influenza strain that has emerged on a large scale in the country.