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Published:May 7th, 2009 19:13 EST
Speak Out! Global Warming and Blue Man Group

Speak Out! Global Warming and Blue Man Group

By SOP newswire2


Well by speak, I actually mean their usual mute antics. Check out the Blue Man Group`s head skit on the new environmental video site,

Not only will you be able to check out Blue Man Group`s one of a kind head skit, but you can also see MADONNA put on her top performance in the Hey You Official Live Earth video! is your hub for entertaining environmental videos, including some from the biggest stars and performers. It is a place to link videos, participate in the blogs and forums and in general share ideas about how to protect the earth.

Below are the links to the Blue Man Group and Madonna videos. Let me know if this is something you are interested in writing about.  I look forward to hearing from you.

Blue Man Group on Global Warming

Madonna Hey You Official LIve Earth Video