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Published:May 9th, 2009 20:14 EST
Afghani victim

Scores of Afghans Slaughtered in American Bombing

By Christopher HIllenbrand

On Wednesday, the international Red Cross reports that its emergency care workers came across dozens of bodies in two villages respectively in western Afghanistan, slaughtered as a result of a series of U.S. bombings that decimated much of the towns. Villagers in both communities claimed that civilians were among those struck by the bombs.

Afghani President Hamid Karzai

The emergency team for the International Committee of the Red Cross was sent to the Bala Baluk district in the western province of Farah after the U.S. bombed the region late Monday night, Red Cross spokeswoman Jessica Barry said from Afghanistan.

Barry said the rescue team witnessed "dozens of bodies in each of the two locations. The Red Cross verified that women and children were seen among the deceased.

Afghani President Hamid Karzai is currently in Washington to visit President Barack Obama. On learning the news of civilian casualties, Karzai issued investigators to probe into the cause for the bombings and is expected to speak with Obama on the matter.

In response, the United States has officially commissioned a brigadier general to the country to investigate further.

Since U.S. military action had been introduced as a direct retaliation to the 9/11 attacks, civilian death tolls have been a topical source of unrest in the relationship between both nations.

President Karzai has questioned the U.S.`s methods in where and why to bomb inside his country, as U.S. Intelligence reports about known terrorists have been proven highly inaccurate especially right after the dual invasions during 2001.