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Published:May 15th, 2009 22:14 EST
Small Miracles in Copenhagen

Small Miracles in Copenhagen

By SOP newswire2

Askin Ozcan is a Turkish-Canadian architect and author, but he has worked also as a teacher, travel agency manager, journalist, business consultant and lived in U.K.,  U.S.A., Canada, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, France, Turkey and travelled extensively in western and eastern Europe, as well as in North America.

His first contact with Copenhagen was during 1961, when he studied architecture at the Middle East Technical University in Ankara and had Architect Johan Otto Von Spreckelsen as his professor, who sent him to Copenhagen with a good reference letter.

Anyone who could hold a pencil could get a job in an architectural office in Copenhagen those years says Ozcan, who worked then at the offices of Architects Hoff o.Windinge and Lunde Hyldegarden tegnestue and helped with the drawings for Gladsaxe Kommun housing project for a year.

I arrived in Copenhagen by a Turkish cargo boat explains Ozcan, after stops in six Danish ports, which gave me a nice perspective of Denmark. The second day I arrived in Copenhagen; I contacted the office of Architects Hoff o.Windinge and was offered a job. This was indeed a miracle.

I lived first in a room in Charlottenlund and later at Norre Sogade to be closer to the office.

Living in Copenhagen was a wonderful experience, tasting not only its smorrebrod, but also its café life, bicycle traffic, jazz clubs, Tivoli and of course meeting its beautiful girls! After a year, I had to return to Turkey to do my military service.

After my military service, I returned to Copenhagen in 1965, hoping to find a job in an architectural office again. But, alas, all building credits were stopped and there were no jobs in architectural offices. Looking for a job, I spent all my money and I had only one crown left in my pocket. I was staying as a guest of a Danish civil engineer whom I had met in Turkey: Hilmar Salmark. I decided to go to the Turkish Embassy and ask for help to return to Turkey. The night before, my host Salmark invited me to Tivoli. There, I won a great big cheese with the lottery ticket I bought with my last crown. I gave it to my host. The next day, on my way to the Turkish Embassy, I saw a sign in Hellerup, on a building:  Arbedsformedling" I went in and explained my situation and the officer woman sent me to SAS Royal Hotel. I went immediately to the SAS Hotel and was offered a job. The whole story you can read in my book, SMALL MIRACLES - ISBN 1598001000 (Outskirts Press) which relates thirty stunning incidents of miracles, small and big, from my life in different countries. 

Now, I live in Stockholm.  I am 69, retired and living in a Stockholm suburb with my modest Swedish retirement salary. I self-published six books in the U.S.A. which wiped out all my savings. Years brought me also six heart attacks. One big and five small. I am offered a by-pass operation, but I don`t want to have that terrible operation whereby 5% die and one doesn`t come back to himself for six months and though it seems to work for some, it seems to shorten the life of some. There is an alternative therapy I have heard, in Copenhagen- Lyngby, at the Institute of Orthomolecular Medicine, under the directorship of Dr. Claus Hancke. This treatment, called EDTA chelation, comprises of 25 fusions given intravenous by drop, during 3 months, which have no risk and it cleans the arteries and brings back

the patient to a healthy status, not necessitating a by-pass operation. The Institute in Copenhagen boasts having treated 60.000 patients in 30 years successfully. In the U.S.A.

about a million patients receive this therapy, which doesn`t exist yet in Sweden. My only chance is to have it in Copenhagen, but since it is offered in a private clinic, I have neither the means to have this treatment, nor the means to live in Copenhagen for three months or travel from Stockholm to Copenhagen every week, unless a new miracle happens and makes it possible for me. 

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Askin Ozcan, is the author of SMALL MIRACLES, STOCKHOLM STORIES, WISDOM IN SMILE, THE MINI-SUBMARINE, THE SECOND VENICE, LIGHTNING AND A BOUQUET OF ROSES which are available on 200 internet bookshops globally, including,