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Published:June 21st, 2009 17:31 EST
100,000 Tamils Marched Through London

100,000 Tamils Marched Through London

By Medyan Dairieh

An estimated 100,000 Tamils marched through London today from Hyde Park
to Temple Place, calling for justice in Sri Lanka and a separate Tamil
state there.

The march was led by a group of `detainees` in a barbed
wire prison camp to dramatise the terrible conditions of civilians held
in internment camps and demanded their immediate release as well as full
UN access to the camps.

Some also carried photographs of their relatives who have been killed or
who have disappeared and demanded that the Sri Lankan government and
army be tried for war crimes, as well as calling for economic sanctions,
an arms embargo and the suspension of Sri Lanka from the Commonwealth.

Some in the demonstration carried black flags, but many showed their
support for the banned LTTE (Tamil Tigers) with flags and t-shirts.