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Published:June 30th, 2009 08:29 EST
Michael's Lessons for the artist

Michael's Lessons for the artist

By Juliet Maruru

Death, the death of a popular celebrity is shocking even to people who hardly knew the man behind whatever success the celebrity stood behind. I suppose that because the media, mainstream and junk, feeds us so much information about the celebrity - some true, some false, either way we can`t tell " we attain to a level of familiarity such that we actually grieve the loss.

Another fact that may play a role in the emotions fans experience upon the death of a celebrity, is the realization that no one is immortal. Even when Michael Jackson was going through the lowest points of his life, the sexual molestation charges, the seeming denial of his race, the nip/tuck gone wrong, his previous success made it quite hard for his fans to see him as anything but invincible. Death, anyone`s death, makes us realise that we too can die, or lose the ones we love most. That can be hard to take.

I realise that some members of the Storymoja community are fans of the King of Pop. As you grow through the motions of grief; denial, anger, fear, and finally acceptance, I think it would be absolutely important for us all to reflect on what made Michael Jackson such a success.

Michael`s music managed to cross over beyond barriers of race. The essence of his music appealed to people right across the world. His music broke past genres, creating new heights in the music industry, fusing and merging, creating a whole new culture of music.

I think that is a lesson for any artist; to go beyond the established, to create new heights, to seek to surpass set standards and appeal to people of all walks.

I guess the other lesson is, if you make it into fame, you stop owning your privacy. Your eccentricities, oh believe me everyone has them, will become a matter for discussion by people you never even met.

And before you say it, yes, the editor gave in to grief and just had to mention the King of Pop. Long live the King, long live the Music, and long live the Moonwalk. Rest in Peace, Michael.

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