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Published:July 11th, 2009 10:03 EST
This and That!

This and That!

By Askin Ozcan (Mentor)

Today, I`ll try a different genre of writing:  "This and that". This reflects the true mode of our world today. So many different kinds of news and info about so many different kinds of things and happenings in so many different kinds of places in the world.

In one newspaper we read: "Kissed his neighbor and suffocated  her to death!"  In another:

Bacon is the best, forget the rest!".  In another: "Is the Quran important for Islam!" Yet in another : Kalashnikov prices on the increase!" or Hash is the King!" or Ate her husband in front of her children" or Registered nurse slept with the patient and became pregnant!"

Another paper insists on percentages: "10 percent of the world population is stupid, only 2 percent intelligent!", Tomato prices down 5 percent!", Gold will unlikely go up this year!",  Born with six fingers, died with four!", Vitamins are important for the pharma industry", Aspirin boxes to be blue" Cigarette smoking will kill you slowly, atom bomb faster.", Coffee drinking bad for the heart."

These are nothing. Have a look at these: Mosquitoes ate the snakes", Indian merchants will export less snakes this year.", African AIDS cases double", Airlines suffer personnel shortage due to AIDS", Passengers repaired the plane during the flight", Wheat germ, olive oil and fish oil contain the best vitamin E", Automotive industry to invest in horse carriages.", Gave birth to triplets during Olympic games", Presidential elections will be delayed due to bad weather", Journalist caught naked in the war field.", Are Arabs better than Jews?", Killed his wife and then hung her in the wardrobe.", Judge bribed the plaintiff not to come to the court.", Books over 400 pages to be forbidden in the arid zones" Water shortage nearing  oil shortage.", U.S.A. should be named U.S. of Germany", Sex is not necessary after retirement.", All casinos to be closed during Christmas day", Metal prices down.", Died of the side effects of the medicine" .

I wonder which one of these news stories has more worth than the others for peace, love and cooperation  and justice. Millions of web-sites pollute our minds, times and the world in the name of freedom and democracy. We go half the way around the world to make wars, for the same, which if we didn`t, would kill so many.

Before, we used to wait for months for an important football game or an important film show or an opera performance or a piano concert or a painting exhibit or a pop-music concert. Today, there are thousands of important football games, ten thousands of important film shows, scores of important opera performances, hundreds thousands of pop-music concerts, one million painting exhibitions, the same day! Which one should we watch? Well, there are at least just as many guides given free among the hundreds of pages of millions of newspapers and magazines.

And the books? Yes, 13.5 million books in English alone selling at the hundreds of  Internet bookshops. If Shakespeare, Tolstoy, Goethe, Maupassant or Moliere, Tchehov, Hemingway, Maugham wrote their books today, would they be known? Could they publish at all in this hurdle of media pollution where publishers only accept manuscripts from literary agents and the literary agents are all full up? We are lost in our own civilisation in the pollution we have created. Not only up there", but also in us".  

Askin Ozcan is the author of six books : THE SECOND VENICE (humor) , SMALL MIRACLES (inspirational) , WISDOM IN SMILE (humorous short stories) , STOCKHOLM STORIES (memoirs), LIGHTNING AND A BOUQUET OF ROSES (poetry) ; THE MINI-SUBMARINE (romantic thriller) . All his books are available at 200 internet bookshops incl.,  under his name.