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Published:August 2nd, 2009 00:11 EST
Anarchy or Monarchy for Nepal

Anarchy or Monarchy for Nepal

By SOP newswire2

The frustration, fear and pessimism replaced all characteristics of contemporary Nepal. The big rhetoric prior to the imposition of the Republic in order to pacify the growing frustrations flared after the government of Girija Prasad Koirala led government of 2006, failed to match the people`s expectation, the anarchy is reaching its peak. Neither the Maoist Pushpa Kamal Dahal led government did anything to lessen the pain of the people nor election defeated plus CA appointed PM Madhav Nepal could be expected to deliver the best for the people and the country. It is started experiencing Girija Prasad Koirala`s greed has been responsible solely for today`s mess. Had not GP Koirala showed the excessive greed at the cost of the democracy and nation, today`s mess and uncertainties would have never taken place.

There is complete absence of peace in Nepal. The flares of ethnic division created by the Maoists are ever increasing. The dozens of armed ethnic groups are engaged in violence, intimidations, torture, kidnappings, coercion, and killings. Anyone rejecting to accept extortion means inviting harassment and becoming the victim of human rights violations. Rampant increases in jobless youths, crumbling economy, heightening commodity prices, weakening of the nationalism- all make sorry states of the nation. The government has nothing at its disposal except prolonging its life with the use of hollow rhetoric that can never be put into practice.

The centuries old unity has been shaken. A dream of "Zone of Peace` has been replaced by complete anarchy. People dreamed to have peace, development and happiness. Nepali people wished to have "New Nepal` of the different cultures and traditions, and all ethnic groups live together harmoniously. However, Nepalese are falling under pray in the name of ethnic division prompted out of the ethnic federalism which is not at all feasible. It is the result of the Maoists` encouragement in the by-gone days, the struggles between the different ethnic groups are on the increase. The mean demand of nation`s division along with the ethnic lines is about to push the nation where it was before the Great King Prithvi Narayan Shah unified the nation.

There are very few nations where human rights have been violated like in Nepal. The members of the Maoist party and its affiliates- YCL and PLA  and the different ethnic groups in terai are becoming the reminder of the crime committed by the communist regimes of Stalin, Pol Pot, and the crimes committed by Saddam Hussein who used nerve-gas to execute own nationals, the Kurds. From cradles to seniors and from priests to disabled - all became the victims of the Maoist violence and today everybody is becoming the victim of Maoists and the violent ethnic groups. Whenever tragedies happen the government pays lip-service and does nothing. Such behavior of the government is encouraging the morale of the criminals. They are openly executing their motives. Maoist`s intimidation, extortions, and threatening the opponents through the affiliates are rapidly spreading. In this circumstance, it is but natural for Nepalese people to discard the hope of the new constitution.

In the name of ethnic awakening, the fighting between the ethnic groups is pushing Nepal towards destruction. It is the Maoists` responsibility bringing this sorry state of the nation because they encouraged this as part of their strategy to reach the helm of the power. Now, every ethnic group is following the Maoists footsteps. Every ethnic group is dragging nation closer to civil strife. Thus, anarchy is ruling Nepal and to counter this anarchy never seen in Nepal during the reign of Monarchy, Nepali people are forced to choose between anarchy and the monarchy. People need to choose destructive anarchy or the symbol of peace and stability revered as Monarchy.

Bishal Shah,

Chairman, Nepali Nationalists Organization "NNO`, USA,